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The label on the oligo tube shows basic information like oligo name, name of person who ordered, oligo sequence including modifications, oligo ID, amount of DNA (OD260 and nmol), Tm, and molecular weight.
In addition, you will receive a synthesis report containing more detailed information on the physical-chemical properties of the oligo, such as base composition, base count, purification grade, amount of DNA (OD260 and nmol), Tm and molecular weight. If you have ordered purification or your ordered oligo is purified by default (e.g. Dual labeled oligos, dual modified oligos, mid- and large scale oligos), you will also get a printout of the preparative chromatogram.

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Every DNA base (in terms of DNA synthesis chemistry, we are speaking of phosphoramidite monomers and amidites) added during DNA synthesis has a dimethoxy-trityl (trityl) protecting group attached to the 5´-hydroxyl position. This acid labile trityl-group is bound to the 5’-end of each support-bound monomer and protects the corresponding base from undergoing unwanted chemical reactions during the synthesis cycle. The trityl-group is removed in the first step of each synthesis cycle, immediately before a new base is added, until the elongation of the nucleotide chain is complete. The final trityl-group is removed before delivery (Unless otherwise requested).

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Oligos are made using a DNA synthesizer, which is basically a computer-controlled reagent delivery system. The first base is attached to a solid support, usually a glass or polystyrene bead, which is designed to anchor the growing DNA chain in the reaction column. DNA synthesis consists of a series of chemical reactions.

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DNA synthesis is a complicated process, which has improved significantly over the last years. Despite these improvements, all manufacturers have an inherent failure rate. We are constantly developing our processes and systems to minimize these losses; however, it is inevitable that we will occasionally have to re-synthesize some oligos. Please note that metabion performs strict quality controls on each and every oligo synthesized. If an oligo does not pass our quality tests, it will be resynthesized.

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Optimized synthesis protocols and high quality reagents allow you to order DNA long oligos up to 300 bases! This is unmatched by any other oligo supplier.

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The trityl-group is colorless when attached to a DNA base but it gives a characteristic orange color once removed. The intensity of this color can be measured by UV spectrophotometry and it is directly related to the number of trityl molecules present. Following the first coupling step, the amount of trityl released during deblocking is directly proportional to the amount of full-length oligo synthesized in the previous cycle. When the trityl is cleaved during the deblocking step, the resulting trityl cation is orange in color. The intensity of this color can be measure by UV spectrophotometry. By comparing the intensities of the trityl cation produced after the first and last coupling steps, one can calculate the average successful base coupling per cycle and hence the coupling efficiency.

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With the development of applications requiring larger quantities of oligonucleotides, the ÄKTA oligopilot™ (GE Healthcare Life Sciences) has become increasingly popular with our customer base. Also the ÄKTA oligopilot can be used for synthesis under cGMP guidelines, so it is used in many diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies as well as contract manufacturing organizations.

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Many of the modified amidites are less stable and do not couple as efficiently as the unmodified bases (even though longer coupling procedures may be used). Therefore, failure sequences are more abundant than in normal synthesis. Consequently, most of the modified oligos should be purified by to remove the more abundant failure sequences. Final yields are reduced as a result of the purification step, which results in a much purer final product, nearly 100% modified.