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Research: Research Objectives and Hypotheses

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The objectives of the International Subarachnoid Aneurysm Trial (ISAT) are presented here as examples of primary , secondary and tertiary objectives in a parallel clinical trial. It was a multi-center, randomized clinical trial that compared the efficacy as well as the safety of endovascular coil treatment with surgical clipping for the treatment of ruptured brain aneurysms; (). The study defines the objectives as follows:

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Research Objectives, Questions & Hypothesis * Dr

Hypothesis in medical research is referred to as an educational guess, nevertheless, due to ethical reasons and some other factors, not every educational guess is allowed to be tested in clinical trials. Only a strong educational guess is recommended to be tested in clinical trials. In a clinical trial investigating a drug, a hypothesis can be referred to as a postulation, assumption, or statement that is made about the population regarding the effectiveness/efficacy and safety of the drug of interest ().

Defining the Problem and Determining Research Objectives

For example
a study designed to look at the relationship between sleep deprivation and test performance might have a
hypothesis that states

"This study is designed to assess the hypothesis that sleep deprived people will perform worse on a test than individuals who are not sleep deprived."
Null hypothesis
Alternative hypothesis
If we are studying a new treatment, the null hypothesis is that
there is no difference
in outcome between the new treatment and the conventional one.
If we are studying a new treatment, then the alternative hypothesis is that
there is a difference
in outcome between the new treatment and the conventional one.
Research objectives are the goals to be achieved by conducting the research.
General Objective
Specific Objectives
The general objective of the research is what is to be accomplished by the research project
for example,
to determine whether or not a new vaccine should be incorporated in a public health program.
The specific objectives relate to the specific research questions the investigator wants to answer through the proposed study and may be presented as primary and secondary objectives
To determine the degree of protection that is attributable to the new vaccine in a study population by comparing the vaccinated and unvaccinated groups.
To study the cost-effectiveness of this program.
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The positivist position is grounded in the theoretical belief that there is an objective reality that can be known to the researcher, if he or she uses the correct methods and applies those methods in a correct manner.

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Randomized clinical trials are considered as the cornerstone for clinical evidence. Randomized clinical trials are studies following a research method, in which the participants are randomly assigned, usually, as test or control groups to receive different interventions and finally to compare the results. Most often, the efficacy, safety and effectiveness of new drugs or new interventions are assessed in clinical trial studies. Randomized clinical trials are considered as the cornerstone for systematic reviews, evidence-based practice guidelines and the practice of assessing health technology (). Randomized clinical trials are assumed to have a gold standard position in clinical research. However, a possibility that evidence from s has not necessarily the value of a gold standard should also be considered (). RCTs may be the top source of evidence after systematic reviews, however, there is a big lack of evidence yet. This may be due to problematic design and reporting of clinical trials as well as the low external validity. Contrary to the sufficient availability of hundreds of papers on how to report randomized clinical trials, less attention is paid on details in design of randomized clinical trials () specially on setting the objectives and hypotheses. Our aim was to critically discuss some aspects of setting objectives and hypotheses in randomized clinical trials. Interactively referring to several examples in literature, this study is discussed different details of setting objectives and hypotheses in randomized clinical trials.

The general objective of a research project is defined ..

It illustrates what is being investigated
Research Objectives
Statements of what the researcher intends to do and flow directly from the problem which helped to formulate either the hypothesis or the research question.
Males who play violent video games tend to display more violent behaviour than those who don’t.
All crucial to research studies as they guide the study.