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There is no formal graduate program in ‘Neuroeconomics’ at NYU at this time. Instead, graduate training in Neuroeconomics at New York University is managed through the Ph.D. programs of the Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics departments in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS), as well as through the Stern School of Business. ISDM’s educational philosophy is that all prospective Neuroeconomists must have a core competency in a traditional field before they move on to become Neuroeconomists. For this reason, all incoming graduate students must apply to, and be accepted by, one of the above graduate programs. After admission, graduate students typically complete the standard first year curriculum in their home department before moving on to more specialized curricula in their second year. Training in the second year is individualized, by department, and takes place in parallel with graduate research in one of the Institute’s research labs.

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A minimum of 72 points is required, at least 36 of which must be taken in residence at New York University. For students who begin the program in September 2014 or later, at least 37 points must be taken in graded courses. All students will be required to complete the following core curriculum during their first year:

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In order to manage admission across the Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics departments all students applying to NYU who are interested in Neuroeconomics indicate their interest in their application by selecting “Neuroeconomics” as a ‘track’ for future study. This is accomplished by applying to graduate admission to the program of your choice. On the , there is a question that specifically asks for your field of study and with which professor you would like to collaborate. It is here that students indicate their interest in Neuroeconomics and choose one or more ISDM professors affiliated with the department to which they are applying for admission. Selecting Neuroeconomics is essential because it allows the faculty of the Institute to identify and track applicants to the program and also to ensure that students are well matched to their departments and that the applications of these students receive appropriate consideration by the parent departments. Students applying to the Stern School of Business for doctoral training should select their field of study for doctoral training from and apply through Stern’s online application system.

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In the greater New York Area there are two principal centers for neuroeconomic research: NYU’s Institute for the Interdisciplinary Study of Decision-Making and Columbia University’s Center for Decision Science. To find research opportunities go to the Faculty pages of both Centers and look through the profiles to find Faculty whose interests overlap with your own. Then, contact those faculty directly. Remember that younger faculty tend to be more open about having volunteers with less experience. Also be aware that new people tend to enter labs in the early Fall, so the middle of the summer is an ideal time to make contact. For summer internships, February is the time to start looking. Individuals interested in acquiring a paid research position through IISDM are encouraged to upload their current CV to the ad listing under the ‘Careers’ section of the IISDM website, which has a rolling submission process. IISDM faculty will have access to this resource to search for potential research interns, assistants or lab managers as positions become available.