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Colonialism in Africa and the "white man's burden" of converting and ..

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Further, viable transgenic mice with mutated proto- proto- and proto- and even with hypothetically cooperating combinations of proto- and proto- have been constructed, and some are commercially bred ("OncoMouse-TM shortens the path to knowledge ...," Dupont Co., Wilmington, DE, 1990) (236).

Nowell's hypothesis. genetic instability leads to acquired genetic abnormality -> clonal expansion -> subclone -> malignancy multistep process. tumor heterogeneity.

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However, modern research is now questioning this hypothesis with results from different academic sources confirming the presence of a group of recurring symbols in Palaeolithic art, suggestive of sharing a common meaning, and therefore being considered a proto-language.

This was noted by Turk in his book and was also noted from the opposing hypothesis holders Nowell and ..

I predicted in 2002 that "the melatonin hypothesis" was based on recall biasand would soon be discredited, and now one majorstudy found no relationship (JNCI 96: 475, 2004).

He also postulated an immortal DNA strand that is discussed at Immortal DNA strand hypothesis