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Migration of Legacy Web Application Using NoSQL Databases [Master's Thesis].

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For the past few years there has been an exponential rise in the use of databases which are not true relational databases. There is no correct definition of such databases but can only be described with a set of common characteristics such absence of a fixed schema, inherent scalability features, high performance, data etc. These databases have come to be known as NoSQL databases. Various companies are seeing the advantages of NoSQL and want to migrate to these databases. But they find it difficult to migrate their data as a lot of study and analysis is required. Each type of database have their own terminology and query language. We propose a novel automated migration model which utilizes the power of service oriented architecture to help these companies easily migrate to NoSQL databases of their choice. We utilize web services which encapsulates few of the most popular NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, Neo4j, Cassandra etc. so that inner details of these databases are hidden yet providing efficient migration of data with little or no knowledge of the inner working of these databases. As proof of concept relational data was migrated successfully from Apache Derby database to MongoDB, Cassandra, Neo4j and DynamoDB, each vendor representing a different type of NoSQL database.

Currently we have no eminent evidence that NoSQL-databases are useful and how they should be used.

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The field of databases have exploded in the last couple of years. New architectures try to meet the need to store more and more data and new kinds of data. The old relational model is no longer the only way and the NoSQL movement is not a trend but a new way of making the database fit the data, not the other way around. This master thesis report aims to find an efficient and well designed solution for storing and retrieving huge amounts of software project data at Tieto. It starts by looking at different architectures and trying three to see if any of them can solve the problem. The three databases selected are the relational database PostgreSQL, the graph database Neo4j and the key value store Berkeley DB. These are all implemented as a Web service and time is measured to find out which, if any, can handle the data at Tieto. In the end it is clear that the best database for Tieto is Berkeley DB. Even if Neo4j is almost as fast, it is still

Secondly the author researches how NoSQL-databases have evolved and what are their main properties.

This can help businesses to determine whether a NoSQL database might be a viable solution, and to align business and information technology (IT) objectives.

The business imperatives related to NoSQL databases are also identified and discussed.

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At the same time, NoSQL-databases are compared how they differ from ordinary relational database management systems and are these relational databases replaceable with NoSQL-databases.

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This study, by means of an extensive literature review, identifies the key drivers, characteristics and benefits of a NoSQL database, thereby providing a clear understanding of the subject.