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 To receive the Master of Arts (M.A.) in History degree, students in the Non-Thesis Option must:

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When you apply for your Masters in any field, Many Universities will provide you an option of whether you are interested in Thesis or Non-Thesis for your Masters Program. Students generally do not have much idea about this option. I also got a mail from a student to explain in detail about the same topic.

Minimum requirements for the Master of Science Degree (without thesis) in Biology are:

Non Thesis Masters Pharmaceutical Science

Now, in Japan, you cannot get into a PhD if you do not have a Masters degree and a title to show for it. That is for all the Universities, not some of them. The only case when this is not the norm is in natural sciences. But in Japan, is like in the UK, PhD programs are 3 years long (usually) you have no classes (well, few, like 4), and you are expected to do research most of the time.

degree, they are expected to opt for the thesis option to obtain valuable research experience.

It depends, in the US for example I do not think they acknowledge Masters from other countries, a couple of friends had master degrees themselves before doing their PhDs and both had to get an additional masters (more like it just happened somewhere in the middle)

Masters Students Thesis or Non-Thesis count toward the masters degree; includes a thesis document.

Master's Degree in Chemistry, Non-Thesis Option

Generally while filling your online application you may be asked this question as to whether you are interested in Thesis or Non-Thesis option. If they have not asked then you will be asked when you join the University.

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In Simple words Non-Thesis Masters program is similar to what most of the students might have done in Under-Graduation. Every semester had a certain set of subjects and by clearing the exam for each subject you complete that subject. This is Non-Thesis.

Non Thesis Masters Biomedical Engineering

Non-thesis option is designed to be more flexible and is tailored for students who don’t necessarily need a great deal of research training. Non-Thesis involves classes that you need to attend and write an exam after completion of certain courses in your degree. It will have structured set of subjects that you can choose and write an exam to clear each subject. It also contains projects, but those are called mini-projects which you will encounter during your last semester. So students who are not interested in great deal of research and are interested in switching to professional career should take up Non-Thesis Masters Program.

Non Thesis Masters Computer Science

What to choose: Thesis or Non-Thesis option for a Masters program and which option is the best. So this post will entirely focus on the difference between Thesis and Non-Thesis.

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New students should meet with a member of the Non-Thesis Advisory Committee to put together a degree plan. This form must be approved by the Graduate Coordinator and filed with the Office of Research and Graduate Studies by the beginning of the second semester of enrollment.

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Degree-seeking students must apply to the Department of Biological Sciences (see ). Acceptance into graduate school does not automatically assure acceptance into the graduate program in Biological Sciences. Departmental application deadlines are 1 December (to begin in the spring) and 1 February (to begin in the summer or fall). Applications submitted after these deadlines may be considered for acceptance on a case-by-case basis; however, late submissions potentially will not be considered until after the beginning of the following semester. Departmental assistantships are generally not offered to non-thesis students, but students interested in applying should submit applications by 1 December or 1 February.