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Example: We compare the observed mean birth weight with the hypothesized values of 18 grams.
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What are examples of directional hypothesis

This lesson describes some refinements to the hypothesis testing approach that was introduced in the previous lesson. The truth of the matter is that the previous lesson was somewhat oversimplified in order to focus on the concept and general steps in the hypothesis testing procedure. With that background, we can now get into some of the finer points of hypothesis testing.

I tend to use 1- and 2- tailed but some writers prefer directional and non-directional.
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it is better to use a non-directional null hypothesis

vs MTL patients), the operationalised DV (score on a memory test) but no direction (just "there will be a significant difference").

In this section we can consider directional, "One-Tailed", hypothesis testing.
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In this case, we need to use the two-tailed probability toevaluate the hypothesis: we need to consider outcomes as extreme as 14 heads,but in the opposite direction (4 or fewer heads).

This is what is used when the experimenter expects a change in a specified direction.
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Non-directional tests are called "two-tailed" tests because we must include the possibility that the alternative population could be less than or greater than

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In this example it would be sufficient to test all participants at the same time of day and thus eliminate any difference in time of day.

Directional hypotheses
A directional prediction of what is expected to happen.

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For our example, we formally state: The alternative hypothesis (H1) is that prenatal exposure to alcohol has an effect on the birth weight for the population of lab rats.

Hypotheses: directional and non-directional

It must include the DV and be operationalised.
Nondirectional hypotheses
A nondirectional prediction of what is expected to happen.

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The alternative hypothesis can bedirectional or non-directional.“Eating oatmeal lowers cholesterol” is a directional hypothesis; “Amountof sleep affects test scores” is non-directional.

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The null hypothesis predicts that the research will not find what is being looked for.

According to Popper, scientists should not try to prove their alternative hypothesis: they should try to .