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Riboflavin interrelates with other B vitamins, notablyniacin, which requires FAD for its formation from tryptophan, and vitaminB6, which requires FMN for conversion of the phosphates of pyridoxineand pyridoxamine to the co-enzyme pyridoxal 5'-phosphate (PLP) ().


7, 187 (1949)) point t o the conclusion that the tissues of the animal, rather than intestinal bacteria, are the site of the formation of niacin from tryptophan.

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RESULTS: Rats of the obese niacin group had higher concentrations of total carnitine in plasma, skeletal muscle and liver, higher mRNA and protein levels of OCTN2, BBD, and TMABA-DH in the liver and higher mRNA and protein levels of OCTN2 in skeletal muscle than those of the obese control group (P
CONCLUSION: The results show for the first time that niacin administration stimulates the expression of genes involved in carnitine uptake and biosynthesis and improves the diminished carnitine status of obese Zucker rats.

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Thus, we hypothesized that niacin administration to obese Zucker rats is also able to improve the diminished carnitine status of obese Zucker rats through PPAR-mediated stimulation of genes involved in carnitine uptake and biosynthesis.

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The influence of high dose of riboflavin, choline, inositol and niacin on hepatic biosynthesis of cholesterol of albino rats receiving a high cholesterol diet was studied. The animals receiving high doses of riboflavin along with a high cholesterol diet for eight and 12 weeks showed less hepatic biosynthesis of cholesterol in vivo from acetate-1-14C than the animals receiving a high cholesterol diet. On the other hand, animals receiving high doses of niacin, inositol and choline for 12 weeks along with a high cholesterol diet showed more incorporation of acetate 1-14C in liver cholesterol than animals receiving a high cholesterol diet.

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Themajor dietary sources of niacin are: Other sources include: Important dietary sources of tryptophan are:
Deficiency of niacin results in a disease called Pellagra, thesymptoms of which include:

An earlier namefor niacin was PP factor (pellagra-preventative factor).

Nicotinic acid and nicotinamide are both stable to light, heat, airand alkali.

Niacin can be synthesised by the oxidation of5-ethyl-2-methylpyridine.

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In life forms, NAD can be orchestrated from straightforward building-pieces (all over again) from the amino acids tryptophan or aspartic corrosive. In an elective design, more perplexing parts of the coenzymes are taken up from sustenance as niacin. Comparable mixes are discharged by responses that separate the structure of NAD. These preformed segments at that point go through a rescue pathway that reuses them again into the dynamic shape. Some NAD is changed over into nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADP); the science of this related coenzyme is like that of NAD, however it has diverse parts in digestion.