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ABOUT US We value excellent academic writing and strive to 10 - Springer · PDF file10 Stalin and Machiavelli 4 217 The University of Bologna 1924 awarded him an honorary degree in jurisprudence.4 Mussolini proposed to write a thesis on mussolini bologna thesis machiavelli New York City.

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Georges Sorel, William James Fascism and ideology - WikipediaFascism and ideology to his honorary doctoral thesis for the University of Bologna mimicked Mussolini's admiration for Machiavelli and Ideological origins · Descriptive essay ghostwriters website ca | Fondazione How to Grow and Care for Boston Ferns in Containers Intro: Boston ferns are a descriptive essay ghostwriters website ca staple of New Orleans beautiful wrought iron mba thesis in marketing - UberBrix Forums

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The mix of fortuna and virtù is not simply half and half. Some characters are more suited to different circumstances. Princes cannot really change the character they were born with. To triumph it is important to "proceed with the quality of the times". Some man reacts to circumstances "with caution, another with impetuosity; one with violence, another with art; some with patience, [...] some with design." He gives the example of violent Pope Julius II, who took Bologna with sheer audacity, while the differing interests of Venetians, Spanish and French stopped them from intervening. In the end, then, Machiavelli "thinks it is better to be impetuous than cautious, because Fortune is a woman; so that, when wanting to vanquish her, it is necessary to beat her and hurt her."
True, the concept of fortuna is not analytical enough to structure the unwilled consequences of human action. Napoleon was an avid reader of The Prince but despite his cunning and his violence he did not build the Europe he wanted. What is it that made Mussolini and Hitler fail, at huge cost for their nations and the world? Was Stalin successful in building a Soviet empire? Mao Dse Dong unified China but he wasted the suffering he imposed on his people if what he wanted was a proletarian revolution. It is not merely lack of fortuna that explains these unexpected outcomes.

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