Digital synthesizers use (DSP) techniques to make musical sounds.

Also among the first music performed on this synthesizer was the million-selling  album  by .

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Like many of my generation, my first exposure to synthesized sounds came through the Switched on Bach recordings by Walter Carlos. Those recordings opened up a whole new world of sounds for many of us. But my real introduction to synthesizers came a few years later when I built my first synthesizer from a PAIA kit. It was not much of a synthesizer. I had one VCO, one VCA, one VCF, AR envelope generator, LFO and keyboard, and soon discovered that without a multi-track recorder there wasn't much you could do except make interesting sound effects. Nevertheless, that little synthesizer allowed me to gain an understanding of how synthesizers make sounds. A few years later I enrolled for graduate study at the University of North Texas and finally got my hands on big synthesizers in the form of a large Moog system and Synclavier II digital synthesizer. A good deal of my time in graduate school was spent hanging out in the electronic music labs with other composers speculating about different ways we might make new sounds.

MIDI interfaces are now almost ubiquitous on music equipment, and commonly available on  (PCs).

music: an electronic instrument module without a keyboard.

, John Hanert, Raymond Scott, Percy Grainger (with Burnett Cross), and others built a variety of automated electronic-music controllers during the late 1940s and 1950s.

Music was coded using punch cards to describe the type of instrument, note and duration.

We wanted to make a musical instrument we could seemingly touch and manipulate. We liked the idea of somehow touching or interacting with water to produce music. We ended up making a water instrument which is an aquarium of water that can be played by any interaction which creates ripples in the water. In our demo, we are using a water bottle to drip water into the tank.

The data was written slowly to computer tape and then played back in real time to generate the music.

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It has been shown in that is equivalentto additive synthesis in the case that all or are (that is all overtones are atfrequencies that are an integer multiple of a of the toneas shown in the equation above). Not all musical sounds haveharmonic partials (e.g., ), but many do. In these cases,an efficient implementation of additive synthesis can beaccomplished with . is a method to group partials into harmonic groups (of differingfundamental frequencies) and synthesize each group separately withwavetable synthesis before mixing the results.


According to his (which calls his ability both "" and "biological empathic manipulation"), Chris was able to draw crowds of thousands to his concerts, and his music apparently affected and inspired people like no other. His profile also states that as Chris's popularity grew, his ability amplified. Also, due to the era's disenfranchised youth, it was very easy for Chris and his empathic transmissions to take over his audience.

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Chris possessed this power since at least 1963 and could see music as color like . He also may have been using it to draw crowds to him as well. Chris uses a guitar and harmonica to channel his ability. He is noted by to not be a great musician, but good at what he is doing. He has also shown that he is able to create blasts from his guitar which hit the policemen. He uses this to attack a police officer ().

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After this ability from Emma, Peter was able to see bright colors flow from a trash can after he kicked it to the ground. Peter is still able to hear the sounds that he sees and, like Emma, he is able to create colors by playing soothing sounds such as music from a piano (). Peter has yet to demonstrate the capacity to affect music by channeling his emotions.

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Emma did not believe that it was actually her that caused the concussive blast from her cello but, after a meeting with , Emma learned that she is able to "combine" her emotions with her music and that her fear created the powerful blast. Samuel tells her music can lure people to her and, when Emma tests this out by focusing on , Ian and a large crowd are drawn to her (). She later validates this again by drawing to her apartment (). While under 's , Emma is forced to use this power to summon thousands of people to the Carnival, but when Sylar distracts Doyle and he loses control over her for a moment, Emma manages to purposely create a concussive blast which defeats Doyle. ()