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Bachelor of Music in Composition: Synthesis in Composition, Degree Recital Jury Evaluation Rubric

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However, the synthesis of textand music in German culture had long since been a testament to underlying socialtemperament, from the introspective chants of Hildegard von Bingen conveying thespiritual mysticism of the 12th century, to the cynical and ironic Episches Theater, or EpicTheater, of Bertolt Brecht in the 20th century.

Further information on curricular requirements for all majors and degree programs is available from the Shepherd School of Music.

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This course is designed, on a practical level, to cover the equipment in the UTSA Electronic Studio. This includes the digital mixing console, digital tape machines, audio software, and some of UTSA’s MIDI synthesizers and samplers. It also covers many of the technical/theoretical aspects of electronic music so that students can adapt lessons learned here to other studios, different situations and the equipment of the future. Technical knowledge covered may include acoustics, FM synthesis, digital synthesis, sampling, MIDI, sequencing, and computer software. There is also a listening element in the course, where important and representative pieces introduce students to some of the multitude of possibilities open to them when creating music in the electronic studio. As these pieces are discussed, some of the history of electronic music is also covered.

Berklee College of Music, located in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, is the largest independent college of contemporary music in the world.

A music major who receives a grade of “C+” or lower in their major applied area will be placed on music probation. Music probation signifies that the student’s work has been sufficiently unsatisfactory to preclude graduation unless marked improvement is achieved promptly. A student on music probation may be absent from class only for extraordinary reasons and may not represent the school in any public function not directly a part of a degree program.

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The History of Rock Music - The Sixties - Piero Scaruffi

This corresponds preciseIy to wherethe mirrors previously cited occur in the music and conforms to the rhythmicsetting.Finally, remembering that every subsequent combination will either bea repeat or its only alternative (P+R following R+I or R+I following P+R),either case will produce an exact harmonic cancrizans, or, at least, aretrograde of interval classes.