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For this Essay, please compare and contrast one World Music and one French Impressionist composition, choosing from the selections listed below. You will need to find the French Impressionist on your own, as noted in the Course Materials. Please choose from the selections below to order your music or borrow from local library. The music of the French Impressionists is quite popular and easy to find. There is a good chance you can find CDs available locally on a library loan basis if you do not wish to purchase CDs.

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Essay Question: Jazz music has evolved in popularity from starting out as a very ill-reputed music style to now being heard in the most prestigious concert halls throughout the world. Explain the evolution of jazz music styles and the most important contributors.

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(Note – you will have to find your music for these selections on your own, either locally or by ordering online. Please order ASAP so you will have the music on time for completion of your ESSAY #4.)

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