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Figure 4 presents the rate of resynthesis of muscle glycogen after exercise.

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Recovery of reserves of muscle glycogen after exercise is key to recovery subsequent physical activity. When, after intense activity consumed an adequate amount of carbohydrates (i.e. 10 grams of carbohydrate per kilogram of body weight per day), the recovery of muscle glycogen can be achieved within 24-36 hours. However, dietary strategies for rapid recovery of muscle glycogen stores within a short period of time (for example, less than 12 hours) not enough chorus is sho defined. Reported that athletes who participate in sports involving frequent repetition of physical activity within short periods of time, it may be helpful to define standards for food, which would maximize the rate of muscle glycogen in the hours immediately after exercise (Jentjens R, Jeukendrup A. Determinants of post-exercise glycogen synthesis during short-term recovery. Sports Med. 33:117-144, 2003).

after exercise increases the rate of muscle glycogen resynthesis."

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Endogenous carbohydrate in the form of muscle glycogen is the main energy source during the long period of continuous physical activity of moderate intensity (>90 minutes)and intense intermittent exercise, typical of many team sports (Mclnerney P, Lessard S.J., L.M. Burke, CoffeyV.G., Lo Giudice S.L, Southgate RJ, Hawley J.A., Failure to repeatedly supercompensate muscle glycogen stores in highly trained men. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 37:404-411, 2005). Therefore, an important goal for individuals involved in such activities is the achievement of high levels of muscle glycogen before beginning physical activity.

The present invention relates to the use of the combined oral administration of caffeine with carbohydrate to increase the rate of resynthesis of muscle glycogen after intense physical exercise.

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SUBSTANCE: invention relates to application of a food composition for oral administration; the composition contains caffeine and carbohydrate for increasing the rate of muscular glycogen resynthesis. Additionally one proposes a method for activation of muscular glycogen resynthesis after intensive physical activity depleting reserves of glycogen; the method involves administration of the composition containing caffeine and glycogen.

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muscle glycogen recovery enhanced with a Muscle glycogen synthesis after exercise:.Carbohydrate Intake and Athletic Performance increasing CHO consumption will increase muscle glycogen after exercise.

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The result of muscle contraction produces ADP which when coupled with CP regenerates ATP. Actively contracting muscles obtain ATP from glucose stored in the blood stream and the breakdown of glycogen stored in the muscles. Exercise for longer periods requires the complete oxidation of carbohydrates or free fatty acids in the mitochondria. Thestore will last approximately 90 minutes and the free fatty store will last several days.

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Once the CP stores are depleted the body resorts to stored glucose for ATP. The breakdown of glucose or glycogen in anaerobic conditions results in the production of lactate and hydrogen ions. The accumulation of hydrogen ions is the limiting factor causing fatigue in runs of 300 metres to 800 metres.

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Muscle glycogen synthesis after exercise: Enhanced muscle glycogen metabolism after exercise:.Jun 05, 2014 · what to eat before, during and after exercise.