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Elementary School Research Paper Guide Sheet

ERIC Digest #E476.Multimedia and Multiple Intelligences [Shirley Veenema and HowardGardner]

The inventory above enables one to identify their strengths as wellas the intelligences they seldom use.

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The main Director list is . There are other lists and groups but all are relatively inactive.
- General Director list for all
The previous Dir3d-L and DirGames-L has moved to a Google group - the
Dir3d-L - 3D focused list - more advanced than Direct-L
DirGames-L - covers the subject of games development

Yahoo Groups (Ordered according to member size - biggest to smallest)
: Yahoo's largest group dedicated to Director developers.
: Open-source community project, the goal of which is to develop the largest single repository of completely free, commercial quality, reusable software components for Director.
listing primarily for multi-media students using Director 8 and Shockwave, and all interested learners of Director 8 and animation project documentation.
Discuss any Lingo question that would be interesting to advanced Macromedia Director developers and share your Lingo scripts.
: Where anyone can ask any Director-related questions, and, share resources that will benefit the list.
: This is a list where people post URLs to new Director work they've done, post URLs to exciting shockwave work they've discovered on the Web.
: This list is for both web and graphic designers to share ideas, inspiration, professional knowledge, and methods for improving our work. This is ideal for artists, web developers, web designers, IT professionals, web site owners.
: A list/group of folks interested in creating free UI widgets in Director.

Non-English Lists
: German Mailing list, managed by Thomas Biedorf.
: Mailing list aimed is to promote cooperation between French-speaking users.

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: Includes Posterize to reduces the number of color levels in an image.
: 3D, Scripts and libraries!
: A good collection of Lingo based demos (many with source code), articles, tutorials, and Director utilities.
: This is an online E-Book, intended for Lingo programmers who wish to learn how to write object oriented code in Lingo. Written by Irv Kalb, it has comprehensive descriptions of this area of programming.
: A community set up by Robert Tweed and others to create a standardised reusable library of Lingo tools.
: Material created by James Newton. Contains articles, sample movies with well commented code.
: Designed to teach Lingo and codin together with Math, physics, numerical methods, programming techniques, and other fun stuff. Demos with source code provided.
: Tweening scripts made for a passive (behavior) mode as well as an active (parent script) mode.
: Based on Greensock Tweening Platform and adapted to Lingo, with this engine you can easily and quickly animate different properties of such objects as sprites, models, cameras, etc.
: Tips and tutorials covering Lingo, behaviors, projectors, QT/QTVR from Don Sinclair 2003.

: A set of Library Palette behaviors for Director 8.5+ that enables drag and drop creation of onstage windows, modal dialog boxes, and cascading menus. Allows multiple sprites to be treated as a unit, and supports creation and destruction of dynamic sprites, dynamic windows, dynamic menus, and dynamic families thereof.
: Behaviors for various media written by the man who created many of the original ones shipped with Director. This is James' original test site which is no longer maintained. Newer area is the site.

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