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We browsed through forums and articles and tried to gather a consensus on whether or not people in the field think you should get your Master's in Project Management:

Primavera schedule, documents and other information can be converted to HTML directly from the software. MS Project doesn't have such option.

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"For those going through a Master's program who have already had more than a few years of work experience, PMP certification, and specific large or complex project management experiences, the MS in Project Management will likely have far more meaning to employers and ROI to you - not just financial ROI, but the ability to get the most out of curriculum.... A Master's in Project Management would be an excellent addition to the journey."
— Mark Price Perry, VP of Customer Care, USA

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"Through teaching an MPM program at a local university for the past five years, I wholly believe that the students that have come through this program are much more employable once they have completed the program."
— JD McKenna, Project Manager, USA

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As well as being an essential purchase for students in computer science and information systems, this clear and concise aid also contains lots of useful information for supervisors and examiners, including guidelines on how to review a thesis project.

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"The authors have written a short book for students doing final year projects in computer science and information systems. Because the authors are from Sweden, the details of the procedures and expectations will vary in other countries. However, in the hands of a discerning reader, this book could be useful at several levels, at many colleges and universities, and in many countries.

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The first section of the book introduces general concepts related to final year projects. Chapter 2 describes research and research methods in computer science and information systems. Chapter 3 discusses the roles of the student, the supervisor, and the examiner. Chapter 4 provides a very brief overview of the process of conducting final year projects.

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I should prefix this by saying that we don’t have the option in Epidemiology of a project vs a thesis. My understanding though is that if you do a project, it’s more difficult to do a PhD (as Heather said), while if you do a thesis, you can still have all the options available to you that a project would allow.

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That’s a good question. As credentials inflate, the ways we make ourselves competitive for our desired opportunities are changing. Your best bet will always be to make personal contact with the program you hope to join and find out what their training expectations are for their incoming students. If you’re talking about a program like mine (Cultural Studies), for instance, which is an interdisciplinary program that has a project option even at the PhD level, your choosing to do something nontraditional wouldn’t be in and of itself an impediment to your admission. I know anecdotally that for a lot of undergrads hopeful for Clinical Psychology graduate programs, students expect to do directed labs, directed readings, and an honours thesis in order to demonstrate that they have the research chops necessary for an intense program. Talk to the directors or chairs of your potential programs and ask them to put you in touch with current or former students, too. Many will be only too happy to share with you what they know now and wish they knew then.