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24/05/2016 · Specify how data displays by using custom formatting

Control data entry formats with input masks

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The eventual completion of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will be a much-celebrated event in Ethiopian history for two oft-remarked reasons. Soaring 170 meters high, spanning 1,800 meters in width, and capable of generating 6,000 MW, the GERD will be Africa’s largest hydroelectric dam. As such, it is a remarkable feat of modern engineering. Just as the GERD’s colossal dimensions have reshaped the landscape surrounding it, the dam’s construction has upended the customary official rhetoric and politics of the Nile basin. Heretofore, Ethiopia limited itself to assertions of its right to develop the Nile; whereas, Egypt reacted to any minor suggestion of the mere consideration of construction by upper riparian as an existential threat to be met by an apoplectic reply. Construction of the GERD has pushed Egypt to grudgingly acknowledge that dialogue between riparian states is the only way to reach mutually acceptable solutions to competing claims over the Nile

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6.5 For both helicopters, National Defence has adopted a relatively new approach for long-term, in-service support. Although Canadian Forces personnel will provide routine maintenance and minor repairs while at base and while deployed, this new approach involves contracting with the original equipment manufacturer to provide initial set-up and training, spare parts, and major repairs. The approach aims to provide a single point of accountability for maintenance and availability of the fleet.

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Nice! Thanks for sharing. One thing I've realized is that proper parsing varies a lot on the context of where the names came from and how they are being used. For example, in my use-case, anything in parenthesis should be ignored — in yours, it's a nickname. I guess, ideally we should write a class where people can change that behavior w/ a single variable to customize it for their own purposes. Let me know if you're interested. Perhaps we could combine forces to see what we could come up with.

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