McGee piston stapes prosthesis.

MRI safety of hearing devices that are not implanted into the inner ear:
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McGee Shepherd s Crook stapes prosthesis.

13 Dec 2015 Prosthesis • Recentaly introduced shape memory alloy recoverable technology(SMART) piston prosthesis makes use of the elastic memory of a Audiometric evaluation after stapedotomy with Fisch titanium CONCLUSION: The Fisch-type titanium stapes piston prosthesis presented ..

The Heat-Activated Stapes Prosthesis 'SMart' Piston Prosthesis 'SMart' Piston.
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McGee piston stapes prosthesis (platinum, 316L SS) otologic implant.

Comparison of hearing results of nitinol SMART stapes piston prosthesis with conventional piston prostheses: postoperative results of nitinol Biocompatibility of Nitinol Stapes Prosthesis - Semantic Scholar Objective: Use of the SMart piston, a nitinol-based, self-crimping prosthesis in incudal bone, (4) detect deposits of nickel in the tissue around the prosthesis.

The heat activated Eclipse has a unique MRI scanners and the stapes prosthesis.
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OBJECTIVE: Physicians and patients alike have concerns regarding exposing in vivo implanted metal stapes prostheses to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners. As MRI scanners become more powerful, the possibility for stapes prosthesis displacement due to ferromagnetic forces increases. It is hypothesized that some metal stapes prostheses may be exposed to powerful MRI scanners without leading to potential adversities for patients. STUDY DESIGN: Literature review, retrospective case review, and physician survey. SETTINGS: Tertiary care, University Medical Center. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A review of the medical literature,a retrospective case review, and a clinical survey were performed. RESULTS: In the history of stapes prostheses, 1 adverse patient outcome was causally substantiated when a defective stapes prosthesis was exposed to an MRI field. Otherwise, a review of the literature on experiments investigating stapes prostheses and MRI fields revealed a lack of any adverse clinical reports. In addition, 2 physician's surveys revealed no other cases of symptoms or damage to the ears of patients with stapes prostheses that had been exposed to an MRI scanner. CONCLUSION: All patients with a metallic stapes prosthesis may be sent to the MRI scanner, with the exception of 1 specific defective prosthesis type. The exception is a 1987 accidental mismanufacture of several lots of McGee pistons with a magnetic alloy. Patients with these specifically identified lots of McGee pistons should go to a computed tomographic scanner or be reimplanted with another prosthesis if MRI scans are mandatory. It would be advisable for manufacturers to use nonferromagnetic metals such as titanium for production of future stapes prostheses.

Of magnetic field interactions, the McGee stapedectomy piston prosthesis, made from platinum and.
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MRI scanners and the stapes prosthesis. - ResearchGate

Warning: Staff with prosthetics may not be as safe as patients March 8, 2013 -- VIENNA - Some prosthetic devices that pass as The otologic prosthesis was a SMart stapes piston made from fluoroplastic plus nitinol, which

MRI scanners and the stapes prosthesis.

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MRI scanners and the stapes prosthesis

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Individual patient results for preoperative and postoperative air-bone gap ENT Implants - Stapes Piston Manufacturer from Ahmedabad Manufacturer of ENT Implants - Stapes Piston, Shah Type Grommet and Kurz Torp, Kurz Porp, Ossicular Prosthesis, Smart Piston, Malleus Piston, Teflon Torp, Smart 360 Piston - Olympus Australia By incorporating shapememory alloy into the wire portion of the piston we have simplified the maneuvers of crimping the prosthesis loop.