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The goal of this topic is to investigate how to utilize cloud based IoT platforms (such as Cumulocity) to manage a large number of IoT computing devices, such as Raspberry Pi’s. Student should create software for integrating any computer running Docker with Cumulocity IoT platform. Such software should display information about the currently running containers, support deploying and configuring Docker containers, remote management of their life-cycle and executing arbitrary commands inside the deployed containers.

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Developing social networks and mash-up applications with cloud application services (Several Bachelor/Master theses) (Satish Srirama)Description:This topic gives the student to define and come up with some applications that can be deployed with the public/private cloud platforms.

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Mobile cloud computing is an emerging field of research that aims to provide a platform on which intelligent and feature-rich applications are delivered to the user at any time and at anywhere. Computation offload between mobile and cloud plays a key role in this vision and ensures that the integration between mobile and cloud is both seamless and energy-efficient. In this thesis, we develop a suite of energy-aware workload offloading frameworks to accommodate the efficient execution of mobile workflows on a mobile cloud platform. We start by looking at two energy objectives of a mobile cloud platform. While the first objective aims at minimising the overall energy cost of the platform, the second objective aims at the longevity of the platform taking into account the residual battery power of each device. We construct optimisation models for both objectives and develop two efficient algorithms to approximate the optimal solution. According to simulation results, our greedy autonomous offload (GAO) algorithm is able to efficiently produce allocation schemes that are close to optimal. Next, we look at the task allocation problem from a workflow's perspective and develop energy-aware offloading strategies for time-constrained mobile workflows. We demonstrate the effect of software and hardware characteristics have over the offload-efficiency of mobile workflows with a workflow-oriented greedy autonomous offload (WGAO) algorithm, an extension to the GAO algorithm. Thirdly, we propose a novel network I-O model to describe the bandwidth dependencies and allocation problem in mobile networks. This model lays the foundation for further objective developments such as the cost-based and adaptive bandwidth allocation schemes which we also present in this thesis. Lastly, we apply a game theoretical approach to model the non-cooperative behaviour of mobile cloud applications that reside on the same device. Mixed-strategy Nash equilibrium is derived for the offload game which further quantifies the price of anarchy of the system.

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Our course focuses on both theory and practice so that you can understand and implement cloud computing applications. You will cover key subjects such as advanced object-oriented programming, data mining and big data analytics.

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From one user data to other cloud computing is isolated. It is concentrated on network information security, and focused on computer against Malpractices and attackers. Data privacy is maintained. Data and service delivery in cloud must be secure. Encryption process on sensible data is performed in cloud.

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The (DIG) is the leading academic research centre for human-computer interaction (HCI) and ubiquitous computing (Ubicomp) research outside of the USA. The group conducts research across a wide range of fundamental topics in HCI and Ubicomp, including:

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This is a demanding and rewarding course. We have close links to research by the and the in the . Our Cloud Computing research also has links with companies such as Red Hat and Hewlett-Packard. They often employ our graduates and also offer summer project internships to students.

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