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Imagine for a moment you’re a chemist and you were just awarded a $10 million dollar scientific grant to create the most perfect anabolic compound in the world. How would you want it to work? Well, for starters, you’d certainly want a compound that causes massive protein synthesis in the muscle cell; after all... this is why anabolic steroids build muscle faster than anything known to man. Simply put, anabolic steroids dramatically accelerate the rate at which proteins inside the muscle cell replicate themselves...thus forming much bigger muscles, much more rapidly!

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Getting ready to write a synthesis essay. First of all, let’s figure out what a synthesis essay is. A synthesis is mix of information from a few sources with your

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Even when they are identified, active leads often lack certain properties required to become a drug. So researchers must develop chemical analogs of those compounds, synthesize them, and test them until they find a drug candidate with the desired characteristics.

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In response, "We're looking at a new way to create, store, and share chemical knowledge," Johansson continues. "We're applying focused microwave energy to speed up chemical reactions, to increase yield, and to enable chemistries that would be difficult to get to go." The technology, coherent synthesis, delivers highly reproducible results that are automatically stored and made available to any chemist in the organization. Personal Chemistry recently launched Emrys Knowledge Builder and Emrys Pathfinder. "We're looking at a chemistry book of five thousand to 10 thousand pages in terms of proprietary knowledge," says Johansson. "Applied throughout a large pharma's chemistry department, it will rapidly exceed even that size and become a tremendously valuable asset for the whole organization. Scientists have already talked at conferences about up to 400 percent increases in productivity in terms of the lead optimization phase."