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The Commercial Code of France of 1807; maritime commercial law; contract of insurance; contract of bottomry; bill of lading; charter party; crew; master; sea ships.

Entries include name of the ship, master of the vessel, departure date, name of passenger, age, previous residence, occupation, and destination.

Bachelor/Master thesis: Development of a spring winding machine

Main lectures are the foundation of the course-related studies in the CuK master course program and have to be occupied with an overall value of 27 CP.

Das Hamburger Staatsarchiv (The Hamburg State Archive) is in the process of putting its massive compilation of ship passenger lists () online.

The rights of citizenship in a commune were characteristically used in Central Europe as a basis of the regulation of nationality of persons affected by state succession, and the peace treaties concluded after the First World War by the successor states of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy notably included this criterion. Although the rights of citizenship in a commune seemed more serviceable criterion during at the peace conference than habitual residence in these states, the different domestic regulations concerning Austrian and Hungarian territories and their interpretations by other states caused numerous problems and resulted in statelessness en masse. The aim of the present paper is to analyse the features and the differences of acquisition and loss of Austrian and Hungarian rights of citizenship in a commune, and to reveal their practical and interpterational problems. This study identifies the problems related to the nationality of persons affected by state succession after the First World War. These problems may also serve as an important lesson for the present, as the criteria that define persons concerned by the change of nationality in modern cases of state succession need to be selected carefully.

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This contribution investigates certain parallelisms between laws and socio-economic settings of laws in two entirely different ages and legal regimes. Debtors’ massive liquidity crisis in late Roman Republic and 21st century Hungarian ‘post-Lehman’ crisis of household debtors of mortgage home loans accounted in foreign currency are as similar to each other as the morals of the prolific ancient casuistics based upon the general-clause-like ruling upon actio Pauliana are useful to consider for new shrewd non-contractual fraudulent misconducts committed in contemporaneous Hungary, where such general regulation towards these kinds of tricks of fraus creditorum lacks. Therefore courts of higher instance felt themselves being obliged for finding a righteous answer to these problematic questions being emerged just in these days.

by a three-month period for the drafting of the Master's thesis.

The master seminar is done in preparation of the master's thesis and is worth 12 CP. It is mandatory and should be done in combination and immediately before the master's thesis.

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This article seeks to show from a review of Hollywood’s attitude towards fascism, communism, Nazism, domestic politics and foreign policy that, despite the theory of the Frankfurt School that the American masses were induced into supporting capitalism through false consciousness, the opposite was the case. The views of the masses, particularly their objection to controversy and ideology, meant that studio moguls had to respect the line laid down by them or else lose their profits. In short, Hollywood was controlled by the masses, not vice-versa.

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After the First World War in the territory of Macedonia and Kosovo intrusive and large-scale forced deprivations of private property were carried out with the aim of changing the ethnic structure. As a consequence of laws pertaining to the agrarian reform, a considerable mass of land belonging to the Albanian population of Macedonia and Kosovo was forcefully expropriated and allocated to Serbian peasants coming from Montenegro and Serbia. These actions succeeded in spreading uncertainty among the local landowners, many of whom sold out their property for symbolic prices just to avoid further persecution. The new ownership structures contributed furthermore to the forced displacement of the Albanian population.