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The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program at St. Norbert College belongs to the .

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And while many organisations understand that innovation is crucial to their survival and competitiveness, managing innovation is a complex task.

Being good at innovation is not just about being creative.

(30 ECTS)• One-semester of course activities at another university which complement the innovation management curriculum.

Master Thesis Innovation Management

You take the following courses:

• Contemporary Theory of Innovation and Innovation Management (5 ECTS)
• Organisation and Management of Innovation (7,5 ECTS)
• Research Methods (7,5 ECTS)
• Semester project (10 ECTS)

product development, value chain, innovation system, global and business model.

The semester comprises four course modules and a written semester project as well as during the first semester performed in cross-cultural groups.

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The programme also offers you opportunities to participate in academic research in the field of innovation, which opens up opportunities both in academia and the public sector.

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Creativity may result in good ideas, but if these ideas are not geared towards creating value through their application and commercialisation, they may never become innovations.

Phd Thesis On Innovation Management

After being trained in a truly global classroom in China, you enter the job market with a double degree from Denmark and China, as well as relevant professional and cross-cultural skills and knowledge that will give you a competitive edge on the labour market.

Chinese companies are increasingly creating growth and improving their international competitiveness on the basis of innovation and operations excellence.

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The growing domestic market also has a great potential for Chinese and international companies, and innovation is a vital key to success on an extremely competitive and dynamic market.

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This rapidly developing business setting offers students an ideal context for studying innovation management based on real-world challenges with an eye on practical applicability.

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The objective of this programme is to give you a profound understanding of what innovation is and equip you with tools to help you understand and manage complex innovation processes.

While we tend to describe all kinds of renewal and change processes as innovation, innovation is actually something more complex: the focused and purposeful process of creating value from ideas.

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Technological Acquisitions
Multivariate Models
The more you acquire
between 2003-2007
What to do?
Product evolution is going fast
What if
you've done it before?
And with success?
Evaluate Options
Buys it
Is successful
Recognize Need
Cross-border experience
International experience can enhance organizational flexibility and reduce knowledge inertia
Change the
you operate
In the Enterprise
Development has
always been important
Nowadays: fast cycles
how are you going to keep up, Bill?
Don't forget to call your Mom!
Flexibility is key
Develop 'flexible routines' on all organizational levels
Tacit Knowledge
Value assessment
Post-acquisition integration
'To what degree does acquisition experience affect
high-tech post-M&A innovative performance?'
..the more you learn about integration,
value assessment, specific circumstances,
..the bigger the gains?
Negative binomial regression Model
Replication Study
Random effects negative binomial regression with distributed lag analysis
General estimation equation
Model 1-4
Significant positive effect (p
Effect decreases over time
Organizational Learning
Non-linear positive moderating effect
Related acquisition experience
Similar effects
Highest positive coefficient in first year post-M&A
International Experience
Technological acquisitions
create opportunities for innovation
continuous organizational learning
If you are an experienced acquirer operating in a
technological industry and you're goal is to acquire knowledge to sustain competitive, your experience is of advantage in succeeding.