Topics Themes for Project Work on Disaster Management

STA 5313. Theory of Sample Surveys with Applications. (3-0) 3 Credit Hours.

STA 5503. Mathematical Statistics I. (3-0) 3 Credit Hours.

AD 572 Financial Reporting (3+0+0) 3 ECTS 7,5
(Mali Raporlama)

Conceptual framework of accounting; informational needs of accounting information users; accounting standards, standard setters, and standard conflicts; internationalization of the standard setting process; International Accounting Standards and EU harmonization; accounting in selected countries; financial reporting; the disclosure of decision-useful information; users of financial reporting; accounting and valuation in the capital markets; earnings and valuation under certainty; earnings and valuation under uncertainty; capital market efficiency; the role of analysts in the capital market; accounting information and company valuation.
Prerequisite: AD 570 or consent of the instructor.

STA 5513. Mathematical Statistics II. (3-0) 3 Credit Hours.

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AD 644 Strategy and Management in Marketing Science (4+0+0) 4 ECTS 10
(Pazarlama Biliminde Strateji ve Yönetim)

Focus on understanding and evaluation of the philosophy and objectives behind strategy and management in marketing. Strategic and managerial insights in the areas of macromarketing, marketing mix management and strategy, distribution, promotion, services marketing, consumer behavior, and international marketing with evaluation and discussions to provide benefits of new conceptualizations and further theory construction in these areas.

AD 640 Marketing Theory (4+0+0) 4 ECTS 10
(Pazarlama Kuramı)

Scope and history of marketing; philosophy of marketing science; history and development of marketing thought; marketing and social/economic change in Turkey.

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AD 611 Accounting Theory (4+0+0) 4 ECTS 10
(Muhasebe Kuramı)

In depth analysis of traditional and new approaches to the formulation of an accounting theory; the nature of the objectives of financial accounting; the structure of accounting theory; current value accounting; general price-level accounting; alternative asset valuation and income determination models; the future scope of accounting.

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AD 606 Game Theory and Managerial Economics (4+0+0) 4 ECTS 10
(Oyun Teorisi ve Yönetim Ekonomisi)

Noncooperative games, solution concepts, existence, uniqueness. Games of incomplete information. Applications involving competitive strategy choice in oligapolistic interaction, auctions, price discrimination, etc. Cooperative games and solution concepts. With applications in cost allocation, stable matching, fair assignments, etc.

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AD 600 Research Methods (4+0+0) 4 ECTS 10
(Araştırma Yöntemleri )

Fundamentals of applied social science research focusing on research processes; theory construction and hypothesis development; basic choices in research design including focus group interviews, case studies, ethnography, survey research and experimentation; sampling design; measurement and instrument design; reliability and validity in measurement, and exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis.

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AD 595 Special Topics in Finance/Accounting (3+0+0) 3 ECTS 7,5
(Finans ve Muhasebede Genel Konular)

The course is designed for the study of recent developments in both financial theory and in applications in financial markets. Spot markets, future and forward markets, financial futures and valuations. Swaps, option valuations and similar instruments and institutions are studied from theoretical and empirical viewpoints.
Prerequisite: AD 570 or consent of the instructor.

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AD 591 Special Topics in Production Management (3+0+0) 3 ECTS 7,5
(Üretim Yönetiminde Özel Konular)

Advanced techniques in the design of the product. Production system and the production control system. Strategic and tactical problems in the area of production management; case studies centered around production, but also including other functional areas such as marketing, finance and personnel.
Prerequisite: AD 550 or consent of the instructor.