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Application deadline for DAAD Scholarships: Applicants from DAC-list countries can apply for the Master program until September 30th of the year preceding enrollment.

The total standard period of study for consecutive study courses leading to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree is a maximum of five years.

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For accreditation of Bachelor’s and Master’s study courses the Standing Conference has set up an independent Accreditation Council (Akkreditierungsrat) acting on behalf of all Länder which, since 2005, operates as a foundation under public law.

Bachelor’s and Master’s study courses are provided with a credit point system which is based upon the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

In December 2004, the Standing Conference passed a resolution that study courses at colleges of art and music should also in principle be included in the consecutive structure of study courses leading to Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

Just less than 71 per cent of all study courses on offer at German colleges of art and music are Bachelor's and Master's degree courses.

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Master Thesis Projects are issued by the INFOTECH Professors/Institutes. It is necessary to check with the institute’s black board or home page for project topics. Exceptionally and based on the approval by the Examination Committee, Master Thesis Projects may also be issued by professors of the Faculty for Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology who are not participating in the INFOTECH- program or by professors of other faculties or universities.

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A cordially welcome from the people of the international Master's program in Information Technology (INFOTECH) of the University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany, located right in the heart of the leading technology region in Europe.

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The Master Thesis should be documented in English language. Exceptions in German language can be made for non-native German speaking students.
The submission of a linguistically correct thesis is the responsibility of the student. Ask friends or colleagues to proofread your thesis. Furthermore the form of appearance, i.e. the structure of the report, layout and drawings, clear phrasing, references etc. is second to the contents of the thesis report. It’s not just your supervisor but may be also coworkers, followers, the industry or somebody else who should be impressed by the thesis report. It’s clear that these elements contribute to the grading.

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Are you about to finish your degree? WACKER has many interesting thesis topics to offer students studying for natural sciences, technical or scientific degree courses. WACKER is the ideal partner for your Bachelor's or Master's degree.

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Please refer the proposed organisation of the courses from the Advanced modules
- Compulsory Module (Thermo- and Fluid Dynamics)
- Compulsory Module (Pollutant Formation and Air Quality Control)
- Compulsory Module (Chemistry and Biology for Environmental Engineers)
- Compulsory Module (Sanitary Engineering)
- Compulsory Module (Process Engineering)
- Compulsory Module (Technology Assessment and presentation Techniques)

Specialized Area 1
Specialized Area 2
Elective Modules
German Course and/or Key QualificationsSpecialized Area 1
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Elective Modules
Key QualificationsMaster ThesisThe macrostructure is valid from winter semester 2015/2016.For more information on the WASTE Examination Regulations, please click . For more information on the Module Descriptions, please click .