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Each program specifies the number of courses required for the Ph.D. degree.

Master Thesis template for Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e).

The Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) degree is the initial certification program for students at the University of Arkansas and has two areas of emphasis: childhood education and secondary education. The M.A.T is a 33 semester-hour degree offered to a cohort of students in consecutive summer, fall, and spring semesters with initial enrollment in the summer semester.

Master's thesis event 30.10.2017 for Industrial Engineering and Management masters students.

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A guidance committee is appointed by the dean of the Graduate School upon the recommendation of the program faculty as soon as possible after a student has begun study for the Ph.D. degree. The committee assists the student in outlining a program and preparing for the qualifying examination, and administers the examination.

A Masters in Petroleum Engineering requires thirty (30) credit hours of approved courses for admitted students with B.S. in Petroleum Engineering. Admitted students with a different undergraduate degree are also required to complete twelve (12) credits of leveling courses which prepare such students for success in the Masters in Petroleum Engineering Department but which do not count toward the degree.

The thesis advisor shall hold at least a master’s degree

The one exception to the double counting formula is the SEAS (School of Environment and Sustainability) and ME MSE degree. This is a 54 credit program. While the SNRE master's degree is a 42 credit program and the ME master's degree is a 30 credit program for a total of 72 credits, students in the dual-degree program can double-count 18 credits reducing the total credit requirement to 54 credits. For a summary of the degree requirements, please review the document.

A master's degree (from Latin magister ..

Where required by the department or program, the student must submit a thesis of original content or interpretation, testifying to scholarly research, presented in acceptable style and adhering to copyright law and to the regulations pertaining to the use of human and/or animal subjects. The course designations for thesis and number of units required are specified in the relevant program descriptions. Once coursework is completed, the student must register for thesis credit each semester until completion of the degree. Students at this stage ordinarily are not eligible for a leave of absence.

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The Masters in Petroleum Engineering curriculum assumes strong undergraduate academic preparation in math, science, and a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering. After admission any student holding any other undergraduate degree besides Petroleum Engineering will be required to complete the following leveling courses that are designed to provide a overview of petroleum engineering. These leveling courses are not counted for graduate credit towards the Masters in Petroleum Engineering degree.

Please read carefully the MASTER'S THESIS GUIDELINES (pdf) ..

ME SUGS students may pursue a coursework, research, or thesis track Master's degree. The ME SUGS program allows students to double-count a maximum of 9 credits and transfer a maximum of 3 credits from their Bachelor's degree toward the 30-credit Master's degree. This leaves 18-21 credits required to complete the Master's degree, which can be accomplished in two semesters of graduate coursework. See below for more details.