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Even for playing around in, your husband is likely to need heels of his own - shoes are far less forgiving than other clothing when it comes to sizing, and the chances are that his feet are too big to allow him to simply borrow yours. Sadly, you may have difficulty finding anything suitable from high street shoe shops - while it's always worth looking on the off chance, women's footwear generally stops several sizes smaller than men's. Fortunately, there are a multitude of online suppliers to fill the gap, offering feminine fashions for even the largest of male feet - catering for crossdressers, such shoes are often skewed towards sexier, less practical designs. It's not uncommon to come across stilettos with as high as six inch heels online, something you might be pushed to find in person even in more regular sizes, let alone your husband's.

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Brown, or what I see in that dark orange background in the earlier photo represents earth. Earth tones are about reliability. It’s similar to blue but more about neutrality credibility, solidity, strength and maturity. Where might I use brown as a background? A perfect place is with a tape I’m making showing sales people telling me why the company they work for is great. I might use a brown cloth background for such. Doing so creates a sense of solidarity amongst the speakers. It makes what they say credible. And I would use blue for a CEO that was telling his staff that while times have been tough, he has a plan that will help everyone feel safer about their jobs and about the future of the company. I could use brown also for the warmth factor, but I find that blue leans more towards authority and trust and brown is more of color that represents unity amongst head-shots better. Did you ever wonder why most police forces developed wearing blue uniforms? What was it I said about authority? And why do police assault teams wear black? Is it because of its slimming quality? Or that black is the color of authority and power, stability and strength? I'd say all. Nothing more menacing than a fit looking team all dressed in black. Just the color alone will automatically make your brain want to give up.

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For though he is so far wicked as not to resist a temptation when it is offered; yet he cloth not so much as the other entertain himself with the prospect of criminal pleasure before be enjoys it; his soul is not so wholly swallowed up with it whilst he enjoys it; and he doth not with so much contentment call it back and dwell upon it in his memory, and act it over again in his imagination after he has enjoyed it.(

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Unlike hold-ups, there's no way for your husband to keep a pair of traditional stockings up without donning an additional item of feminine clothing - an ideal opportunity if you're looking to feminize him further. So far, we've assumed that a suspender or garter belt will be used for this purpose, but as we'll see later, many foundation garments are also capable of supporting stockings, not to mention some panties, often having loops to allow the suspenders to be attached or detached as desired. Indeed, some garments such as girdles positively benefit from being worn with stockings to prevent them riding up. Whilst having four suspenders is common, some come with six, eight or even more, not only making them a greater challenge to fasten up, but imposing more upon their wearer once he's in them as they hold his stockings firmly in place.

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So much for stockings for yourself, but what about for your husband? Wearing stockings and suspenders is quite an experience for a man being feminized by his wife, whether as a bedroom game or for the purposes of discipline. Not only is there the same electrifying sensation of clinging nylon that comes with any kind of hosiery, there's also the tug of the suspender elastic as it pulls his stockings taut with every step he takes, not to mention the tightness around his hips as his garter belt keeps the entire ensemble together. On a purely physical level, stockings and suspenders are quite a contrast to pantyhose, let alone socks, but their impact is far greater when one remembers this is the clothing of many men's dreams - a pornographic fantasy come true, albeit not in quite the way he might have imagined. A man can't help but feel feminine when he looks down and sees his legs clad in such a delicious combination of nylon, lace and elastic - almost half of his body covered, yet wickedly exposed.

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Sexy lingerie is all that's needed for fooling around in the bedroom. Some sissies never wear anything else in terms of women's attire, yet look ever so pretty all dolled up in their frillies nonetheless. It doesn't matter if he's pleasuring himself or up to his elbows in soapy water, a pair of panties is all it takes to mark a man as a sissy - whether he's wearing other clothing on top, or naked save for his knickers. Add a matching bra and stockings or perhaps a naughty babydoll nightdress and even the most macho of men soon starts to feel ever so cute and girly - from the pretty innocence of virginal white satin to the sultry seduction of smouldering black lace. If all you want to do as a sissy is to dress up in the contents of a well stocked lingerie drawer, then you're far from alone - many men delight in women's underwear and the effect it has upon them, whether occasionally or as a more regular part of their wardrobe, without ever desiring to delve deeper into the world of women's attire.