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  English economist Malthus is best known for his hugely influential theories on population growth.

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After further reading and travels in Europe,Malthus produced a subsequent edition (1803), expanding the longpamphlet of 1798 into a longer book, and adding much factual materialand illustration to his thesis.

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"Vice" (which included, for Malthus, contraception), "misery," and"self-restraint" alone could check this excessive growth.Malthus was an economic pessimist, viewing poverty as man'sinescapable lot.

A remark by Kingsley Davis, a United Statesstudent of population, that Malthus' theories, apparently founded onso extensive an empirical base, are yet at their weakest with respectto empiricism and at their strongest as a tight and eleganttheoretical formulation, has much truth in it as both praise andblame.

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For theclassical economists and for Malthus in particular, the mechanism thatkept wages equal to the "natural" price of labor power is embodies in theprinciple of population.

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This was a view that ran somewhat counterto his views on poverty and population published two years later.The opinions and teachings that Malthus developed reflect largely areaction, amiably conducted, to his father's views and to thedoctrines of the French Revolution and its supporters.

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findsome alleviation."In 1804 Malthus married Harriet Eckersall and in 1805 becameprofessor of history and political economy at the East IndiaCompany's college at Haileybury, Hertfordshire.

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His father, a personal friend ofthe philosopher and skeptic David Hume, was an ardent disciple ofJean-Jacques Rousseau, whose book mile may have been the source ofthe elder Malthus' liberal ideas about educating his son.

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Catherine, near Bath, Somerset),English economist and demographer, best known for his theory thatpopulation growth will always tend to outrun the food supply and thatbetterment of the lot of mankind is impossible without stern limitson reproduction.Malthus was of a prosperous family.

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The error of Malthus and the classical economists was to focus theiranalysis of capital accumulation and its effects upon specific sectors ofproduction instead of looking at the relationship between total socialcapital and the total labor force.

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At a more specific level, Marx's answer to Malthus' principle ofpopulation is the principle of the reserve army of labor or relativesurplus population which he elaborates in the course of his analysis ofthe general law of capital accumulation (Marx, 1970:612-712).