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This is shown through the women who were disloyal and slept with the suitors.

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The drama Antigone which is written by Sophocles, tells the story of Antigone....

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Although no citizen should question civic responsibility, some argue that regulating moral obligation diminishes the value;
despite the diminishing value of such obligations, is moral decay an acceptable alternative?
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The plays follow women driven to extremes by what she feels is great injustice.

Any system of composition which bases itself on precompositional matrices — total serialism, stochastics, information theory — which depend solely on arbitrary rationalizations of rules of the game, cannot achieve a direct and meaningful correspondence to the functions of the central nervous system, for the very reason that whatever music it produces depends for its understanding not on the perceptual functions built into the nervous system but in a post-intellectual comprehension of its externally predetermined rationalizations. In such cases, the ‘ear’ has been bypassed and ignored.

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I did use elements of dodecaphony in these works [the Twelfth Quartet and the Violin Sonata]. Of course, if you take a theory and solely use this theory, I have a very negative attitude towards this kind of approach. But if a composer feels that he needs this or that technique, he can take whatever is available and use it as he sees fit. It is his right to do so.

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That his movement away from twelve-tone music was a natural, not an enforceddevelopment was made clear in statements made throughout his later career that this typeof music was not the correct type for the Soviet people. Take the following statement, forexample, made in 1968.

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When that criticism came, he was faced with a dilemma. “For Shostakovich, thequestion became what to do when you believe in your government and its progress, but itattacks you for yours”? The evidence seems to indicatethat he accepted the criticism in light of the role music is to play in his society, andwent on with his life. The composer writes that his next major work, the Fifth Symphony,is “a Soviet Artist’s practical creative reply to just criticism.”His whole personality speaks against the idea that he had been simply doing what had to bedone. It is more likely that he did just what he seemed to be doing: reassessing thepurpose of his music in light of the social role which he accepted.

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How did Shostakovich relate to the Soviet state and in its conception of the role ofthe artist? In a NY Times interview published in December, 1931, over four years previousto the criticism, he states

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He showed his courage in other ways: He composed his vocal cycle in the highly anti-semitic climate of the late 1940’s. (True, itwasn’t heardin public until after Stalin’s death, but anti-semitism didn’t die with Stalin, either.)He used some of Evtushenko’s poems in his Thirteenth Symphony () about themassacre of Jews in World War II. After the Manege incident in December of 1962, whereKhrushchev attacked some abstract artists, Shostakovich joined other leading artisticfigures in signing a petition defending the abstract artists.