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T1 - Everything is connected: An Interpretive study of local economic development in South Africa.

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This thesis examined the impact of fiscal decentralisation on local economic development in Ghana, evidence from the Ketu South Municipal Assembly (KSMA).

Moreover, besides the underlying textbook definition of what is economic development.

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AB - Tourism in South Africa has emerged as a popular poverty reduction strategy. Nevertheless, benefit of the sector to previously disadvantaged communities remains highly contested. In efforts to increase equitable economic impacts of tourism, the Eastern Cape local government introduced a Local Economic Development (LED) women township tourism home-stay pilot project under the aegis of the national Black Economic Empowerment legislation. The thesis identifies factors defined by the institutional frameworks and analyses how they are hindering the realization of women-led entrepreneurial economic empowerment through township tourism home-stays. A critical pedagogic approach is juxtaposed with the concept of conscientisation to provide insights on how historical experiences and events of South Africa continue to impact the development consciousness of previously disadvantaged communities. The thesis discusses the classic structure of government-led conceptual frameworks which fund top-down projects and reveals an oversight: how formal and informal institutional arrangements of LED impact the women assuming ownership of the project. This illuminates the role of culture as a natural resource in tourism and the consequences of cultural misconceptions for sustainable tourism development. The predominantly qualitative methodology challenges the reader to think beyond the traditional notion of tourism and stresses that everyday life cannot be separated either from tourism operators (hosts), tourists (guests) or from the researcher who acts as a culturally situated story-teller.

Managing Local Economic Development - A Case Study of Tauranga (Thesis, Master of Planning).

Originally classified as remote regions in the world, where the only activities, which took place, were small-scale fishing and hunting by locals in order to survive, they have become sources of great economic development and prosperity....

Numerous organisations work on different aspects of local economic development.

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The purpose of this research was to understand the interplay between institutional factors and the management of local economic development in the process of sustainable urban development, with reference to Tauranga’s recent rapid population growth.

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This was done by utilising a mixed method, critical research approach to explore how the local economic development process fits within the broader city planning context.

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The third pattern also demonstrates why LED practitioners consult metropolitan economic development plans, and how they attempt to contribute to these plans.

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They also suggest that in Tauranga there is potential scope for increased involvement from the bottom and that planning for local economic development should be a pro-active activity.

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Montreal’s third pattern shows how municipal agencies today play a more significant role in local economic development practices, and how they are now major players in controlling funding.

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The second pattern also demonstrates how local economic practices in Quebec are based on the interweaving of bottom up and top down initiatives (from the local community and from the provincial government).