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Effects of Training EFL Students in Metacognitive Strategies for Listening to Academic Lectures.

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The English Department at Bar-Ilan University offers a range of possibilities for students interested in pursuing an advanced degree in English literature. Our MA in literature gives students a chance to expand their knowledge of English and American literature and develop high-level academic writing and research skills. The Shaindy Rudoff Graduate Program in Creative Writing offers an MA in English for writers of poetry and fiction, and we now also offer a new MA in English literature with a focus on literary translation. Graduate seminars in Literary Translation are open to all graduate students on the basis of availability. Students may also apply for acception to create writing workshops (subject to approval by the instructor, based on availability and the student's qualifications).

An Investigation of Listening Comprehension Strategies in Intermediate Level Turkish EFL Students.

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01:940:401 Advanced Translation I (3 cr.)
(This course will not be counted in the degree but may be required of some students as a prerequisite.)

Programme with Thesis and M.A Programme without Thesis in Translation Studies, English Language ..

It will:

• train scholars and sustain a growing research effort in the field;
• collaborate with other centres and explore interdisciplinary perspectives;
• make the fruits of scholarship widely accessible;

New structures have developed within the University and a taught course specific to Buddhist Studies will be available soon (a UK first).

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It provides a five-year programme covering philological and cultural studies with instruction in the required methodologies; And specialists provide one-to-one supervision in order to enable the student to reach the stage of producing a Ph.D.

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This program provides advanced professional and theoretical training for translators and interpreters. Includes practice in legal, medical, technical, legal, audiovisual and literary translation, as well as community, court and medical interpreting. It also includes advanced training in translation technology tools and project management. Students will acquire a thorough understanding of the main contemporary theoretical approaches to translation and interpreting and prepare students to work in a variety of leading roles within the language industry, such as court and medical interpreters, legal and technical translators, project managers, in-house specialized translators, translation and interpreting for the government etc. Students can also be trained in translation and interpreter training. The MA in Spanish (Option in Translation) is considered to be a terminal degree, in that it does not automatically lead to a consideration for the PhD. For the student who wishes to seek admission to the PhD program in literature or linguistics after having completed the MA (Option in Translation), s/he must apply to the PhD program through the normal application process. If the student wants to switch programs before completing the MA (Option in Translation), s/he must re-apply to the MA/PhD program through the normal application process.

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ETI 515 - Scientific and Technical Translation

ETI 516 - Language of Journalism and Translation

ETI 517 - Comparative Translation Analysis

ETI 518 - Translation of International Organizations Texts

ETI 519 - Translation of European Union Texts I

ETI 520 - Translation of European Union Texts II

ETI 521 - Terminology Studies

ETI 522 - Translation of European Union Acquis Communautaire Texts

ETI 523 - Publishing, Editing and Translation

ETI 525 - Textual and Discourse Analysis

ETI 526 - Research Methods in Translation and Interpreting Studies

ETI 527 - Intercultural Communication and Translation

ETI 528 - Contemporary Translation Theories