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Retinoids Stimulate Leptin Synthesis and Secretion in Human Syncytiotrophoblast ..

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CONCLUSION: These data demonstrate that, in soleus muscle, leptin per se exerts a direct and acute insulin-like effect, stimulating glucose uptake, glycogen synthesis, lactate formation and glucose oxidation.

Retinoids Stimulate Leptin Synthesis and Secretion in Human Syncytiotrophoblast.

Regulation of Catecholamine Synthesis by Leptin

The present study demonstrated the existence of the leptin-specific binding sites that mediate its stimulatory effect on insulin secretion and synthesis in HIT-T 15 cells.">

Leptin Affects Prolactin Action on Milk Protein and Fat Synthesis in the Bovine Mammary Gland

Hormones may control the regulation of leptin synthesis. When glucocorticoids or cAMP were administered, mRNA and leptin secretion was decreased (20), while insulin and corticosterone increased leptin production in both rodent and human adipose cells (21). Leptin also appears to be under the control of metabolic factors. Fasting markedly reduced mRNA levels, but upon re-feeding, mRNA levels were restored (21).

Leptin Stimulates Insulin Secretion and Synthesis in …