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Children with corneal opacification or cataract involving the visual axis are at risk of developing amblyopia. Penetrating keratoplasty (PKP) or cataract extraction may be indicated to reduce this risk (Video). Visual prognosis is dependent on the disease severity. Although there is no formal classification for disease severity in Peters anomaly, Chang et al. defined patients with severe disease as being characterized by dense central opacities covering more than half of the cornea, corneolenticular adhesions, or associated ophthalmic anomalies like microphthalmia, aniridia, or cataracts. These patients had a visual acuity of finger-counting or worse and had poorer visual outcomes even with PKP. Patients with mild disease characterized by corneal opacities covering less than half of the cornea or iridocorneal adhesions and visual acuities of 20/100 or better had better visual outcomes with treatment [2]. Post-operatively there is also a role for amblyopia therapy to improve visual outcomes [8].

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Video: Penetrating keratoplasty (PKP) in a 2-year-old boy with bilateral corneal opacification and lenticular adhesion due to type II Peter's anomaly. Unfortunately, there was near-immediate vitreous loss in this case requiring anterior vitrectomy. If video fails to load,

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Bartolomeo Camillo Emilio Golgi (IT) demonstrated that the glial interstitial tissue in not amorphous but contains cells rounded or lenticular or stellar and distinct from elements of the nerve tissue (, ).

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