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A recent published in found that the rate of marijuana exposure in young children in Colorado has increased 150 percent since 2014, leading to an increase in hospitalizations. In most cases of exposure, the drug was owned by family or friends of the child. In many cases, children are exposed to marijuana in the form of edibles—sweets infused with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in the drug—that take the form of brownies or gummy bears. Following legalization in Colorado, cases began to be of students bringing marijuana edibles to school and sharing them with friends.

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Legalizing marijuana will not do much to reduce the number of people in prison. In fact, the opposite may be true, as the increase in use bound to follow legalization will probably lead to an increase in crimes committed under the influence of marijuana. one-fourth and one-third of federal and state prisoners say that they were under the influence of drugs when they committed their current offense.

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Legalization will only serve to increase the risk of exposure to marijuana for children. And the effects of marijuana and THC on users—especially young people—are not benign. At least one of every eleven young adults who start smoking marijuana . That percentage increases in places like Colorado where products have been introduced with , making the drug up to two or three times as potent as most marijuana trafficked in the last decade.

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Legalization does little to reduce black market drug activity, does not unclog prisons, and causes law enforcement headaches across the country. But even more important than these reasons against legalization are arguments that stem from a child-oriented approach to public policy.

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A child-oriented approach to drug policy would seek to inform children of the health risks of marijuana use, stigmatize its use, prevent children from gaining access to the drug, and foster an environment in which parents are aided and not thwarted in their efforts to raise their children in a drug-free community. Legalizing marijuana will not foster any of these goals. Legalization destigmatizes use, makes it easier for children to obtain the drug, and increases use in the population generally, exacerbating drug-related criminal offenses, addiction, and trafficking.