In other words, using parenthesis means...

But by adding parenthesis we can limit the negation to just the secondimage...
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SpaceBeginningOfSentenceValidator can be applied to any language.

This validator ensures that numbers in a sentence are formatted usingcommas (ie: 12,000 instead of 120000), and don’t have excessive decimalpoints.

CommaNumber validator checks the number of commas in a sentence.
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Maximum number of commas in a sentence.

We can create both XML and JSON in PHP. You can do this by creating the exact string necessary to format it, or we can use functions in PHP to help us along. The SimpleXML package allows us to create, navigate, and edit XML content, while the json_encode and json_decode functions allow us an easy means to convert JSON to and from arrays.

Maximum number of words in a sentence.
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This validator checks if there is a whitespace at the end of sentences (except for the last sentence of paragraph).If the input sentence does end with a white space, a warning is given.

DoubleNegative validator reports errors when input sentence containsdouble negative expression.
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Paragraph contains one or more sentences.

An abbreviation of eXtensible Markup Language, XML wraps pieces of information in tags, similar to HTML, but the names of the tags are user-defined. Grouping of information is done by nesting the tags within each other. Using our Family Guy example above, our XML response would be as follows:

11.1 How to use special characters in XML? - DVT Eclipse

The Parser however only reports if the characters is present. It does notreport where they were found in the argument. IM for example does notremember that ' was attached to a specific number. It also doesnot report if it appears multiple times either.

Using parentheses in XML Node Attributes | Gordon Luk

Data streams are long strings of characters specially formatted to convey information between systems. They typically focus on the ability to quickly convey all the information in as readable a format as possible, resulting in a compressed syntax to identify the information and its meaning. Two of the most popular methods of streaming data today are JSON and XML.

Using parentheses in XML Node Attributes

The default settings are described in the following sections. Within thesymbols configuration section we can use symbol elements to specifywhich symbols to use when validating documents. Each "symbol" elementoverrides a character found in the documents.

Missing left parenthesis (Object Relational Mapping …

Commonly users specify input files, but sometimes making files is tidious. For testing purpose redpen command provides the parameter for input sentences.

Check for Balanced Parenthesis in a String

In the following example, we can see a symbols section that defines 3symbols. The first element defines exlamation mark as '!'. Then,FULL_STOP defines a period as the character "." and specifies that thesymbol must be followed by a space. The third element defines comma as',' and also defines '、' and ',' as invalid comma characters. This isbecause some characters have equivalent symbolic meanings.