Education equality is one of the main problems in school systems.

Leadership is thus not a role or a position, but an act of achieving the tasks assigned.

His teaching skills are with educational leadership qualities....

All students on the ELSI course also attend a generic research methods strand, accounting for approximately one-third of the whole programme. Methods sessions are essential for a research-based Masters degree and constitute about one-third of the whole programme. The research methods strand covers a broad range of social science research methods and is essential for Masters level understanding and critical engagement with the research literature. It offers opportunities and encouragement to apply the knowledge gained to your thematic area, and vice versa, as well as introducing research methods beyond those commonly used in ELSI.

The study was undertaken in four schools ...

Following completion of the course, students often successfully apply for promotions to senior posts, within current or new schools or educational institutions or take on additional roles or responsibilities. Others continue to doctoral study (the PhD or Ed D), either full or part time.

My definition of leadership is “the ability someone has to motivate and empower others to achieve a goal.” Some may add to this definition, others may discard it altogether and have a completely different definition.

It is found in every school in the form of teachers and educators.

Preparatory reading: As a professional interested in ELSI you have probably already read a few of the huge number of books related to educational leadership, school improvement and learning. You should take the opportunity to continue building your familiarity with texts and authors, especially related to your particular area of interest.

The leadership program has been a positive experience in my life.

Unlike management leadership flows from the core of a personality and cannot be taught; although leadership can be learned and may be enhanced through coaching and mentoring....

I entered the Leadership Program with a narrow mind.

Through transformational theory, an educational leader will be reflective though their understanding of the community and cultural influences that are meaningful to the children and families, and insp...

“Leaders journeying from hero to host use their positional Power”....

The level of belief and practice of servant- in women-led businesses was compared to a benchmark group of males who are practicing servant-leaders to determine similarities and differences.

Educators agreed that servant is being practiced on the campus.

The six variables were values people, develops people, develops community, displays authenticity, provides , and shares .

The responses were analyzed using demographic data for gender, age, education, and time in the organization.

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The analysis was a three-step process that included the comparison of the males and females in this study, comparison of the findings in this study to a study done by James Laub (1999), and identification of the areas where the females leaders might focus to improve the level of belief and practice.

The findings showed that there was no significant difference between the high level of belief and practice of servant- in the benchmark male top leaders and the female top leaders in this study or in the Laub study.