T1 - Elucidation of the role of electric field on low temperature ammonia synthesis using isotopes

Ammonia is a nitrogen source for the synthesis of proteins.

Webb & Brown (1976) found high glutamine synthetase (EC activity in the brains of teleosts and elasmobranchs, and this may be important in protecting the brain from sudden surges in ammonia concentration.

what conditions favour the formation of ammonia in the Haber synthesis?

Kinetics and Mechanism of the Ammonia Synthesis

Congenital deficiency of carbamyl phosphate synthetase I (EC, and, to a lesser extent, of other enzymes of the ornithine cycle, and several other metabolic disorders may lead to hyperammonaemia and various abnormal urinary constitutents.

how do you apply Le Chatelier's principle rules to the Haber synthesis of ammonia?

(1974) [Studies on the regulation of nitrogen assimilation by Lemna minor in transition from ammonium to nitrate feeding or from nitrate to ammonium feeding under conditions of photosynthesis.] Z.

At lesser emperatures, the general equation for the kinetics of the ammonia synthesis is satisfied.

| Synthesis of ammonia on iron catalysts was discovered in 1905

The ammonia released is used by the ruminal microorganisms to synthesize microbial protein, which is then digested in the small intestine of the ruminant and used as a source of dietary amino acids.

Ammonia Synthesis - Derivation of Rate Equations

Ammonium ions may restrict photosynthesis through the uncoupling of noncyclic photophosphorylation in isolated chloroplasts (Gibbs & Calo, 1959; Losada & Arnon, 1963), though the mechanism of action is not known (Losada et al., 1973).

Kinetics and Mechanism of Ammonia Synthesis: …

Another important aspect ofthesorbent preparation is the development of an efficient agglomerationprocess bywhich the synthetic micro-powder is further assembled into particles ofsuitable size with the desired mechanical and chemical properties forusing influidized bed reactor systems.

Kinetics and mechanism of ammonia synthesis …

Therefore, at pH 8, and at a temperature of 25 °C, the above equation shows that 3.31% of the total ammonia in sea water exists in the non-ionized form.

Kinetics and Mechanism of Ammonia Synthesis Reaction …

It was reported by Byerrum & Benson (1975) that added ammonium ion at concentrations found to stimulate the photosynthetic rate also caused the alga Amphidinium carterae to release up to 60% of fixed 14CO2 to the medium.

has been made in the case of the kinetics of ammonia synthesis.

The vapour pressure of ammonia gas over pure ammonia liquid can be calculated using the equation (NRC, 1979): log10P = 9.95028 - 0.003863T - 1473.17/T, where P = partial pressure in mm Hg, and T = temperature at K.