What did Joseph priestly do in photosynthesis?

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The Discovery of Photosynthesis

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took Priestley’s work further and demonstrated that it was light that plants needed to make oxygen (oxygen was discovered a few years earlier, in 1772 by ).

However, Jan Ingenhousz was the first person to show that light is essential to the plant process that somehow purifies air fouled by candles or animals.

The Discovery of Oxygen - Julian Rubin

These kinds of observations led Priestley to offer an interesting hypothesis that plants restore to the air whatever breathing animals and burning candles remove - what was later coined by Lavoisier "oxygen".

In these experiments, Priestly was the first to observe that plants release oxygen into the air - the process known to us as .

Repeat Joseph Priestley's Experiments:

Oxygen Experiments

Who Discovered Oxygen?

Engleman (1843–1909)
Cornelius Van Neil (1897-1985)
Samuel Ruben (1913–1943)
Joseph Priestley (1733-1804) was a British researcher most widely recognized for his discovery of oxygen, and the release of oxygen from plants.