Many Japanese maple trees have red leaves all year.

The botanical name for a Laceleaf Weeping Japanese Maple tree is Acer Palmatum Dissectum.

Japanese Maple trees flower in ..

For years and years the accepted method to grow beautiful Japanese Maple Trees such as these has always been . The desired variety is grafted onto a seedling. Click on the blue link to learn all about grafting.

A Tree Grower's Diary: Japanese Red Maple Facts

Most Japanese Maple trees produce seeds that ripen in the fall, but I am also told that some ripen in the spring. Watch the tree you intend to harvest from closely. Japanese Maple seeds are ready to be picked when they turn brown and start falling from the tree. Collect the seeds and clean them by breaking off the wing attached to the seeds.

Today, that is still the accepted method, but some growers are actually rooting cuttings of some Japanese Red Maple Trees using . Whether or not any of them have actually been able to root the weeping varieties or specialty varieties, I don't honestly know. Most growers still graft them.