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The Department of Biology offers an Individual Study Course (L490) for example.

The Department of Biology donated some of its specimens to the show.

The Biology department offers an honors program for students who wish to gain hands-on experience in scientific research. To successfully complete the program students must have the commitment and desire to complete an independent project, write up their results as a thesis, and present their work to their peers. Students who successfully complete the program will graduate with Honors in Biology.

Our professional honors advisors help ensure that our students achieve academic success and take full advantage of the opportunities available at the University.

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Students who graduate with Honors in Biology receive the same recognition as students who graduate with Honors through the Norbert O. Schedler Honors College. A student may choose to complete an Honors College thesis which is a project mentored by a faculty member not in the Biology department or a Biology thesis. A student may also choose to complete two theses, an Honors College thesis and an Honors in Biology thesis. Honors College students should discuss possible projects with both their Honors College and Biology advisors.

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In the IMP you can design your own curriculum, select courses from among IU's many schools and departments, design independent-study courses, and undertake a challenging and important final project of your own creation. You'll work closely with one or more faculty sponsors of your choosing, who will guide you throughout your academic career.

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All Honors program students are required to do a senior honors research or thesis project. Non Honors students, including transfer students, who wish to do a honors thesis project must first meet the requirements for entry into the Honors program, which are a cumulative GPA of 3.5 and sufficient evidence of initiative, originality and intellectual maturity to warrant registration in a Honors thesis project. Biology and Biotechnology Majors generally do a project with a faculty member in the department of their respective Majors. Biology and Biotechnology Honors projects are currently done through the same set of BIO 499 courses (though separate courses for each Major might be established in the future). Biology and Biotechnology Majors are free to work with faculty outside Biology and Biotechnology and earn credits toward the 40 credit hour Biology Majors requirement as long as they register in BIO 499, select subject matter that is related to Biology or Biotechnology and have a co-advisor within their respective Major (Biology or Biotechnology) who assumes the responsibility of ensuring that the student fulfills the requirements for completing an Honors project in Biology/Biotechnology. Such students must get signatures on all Honors documents from their advisor and Biology/Biotechnology co-advisor plus the head of Biology/Biotechnology and the dean of CSM. Biology and Biotechnology Majors must also have completed all four Biology core courses (BIO 114, 124, 214, 224) prior to starting a Bio 499 Honors project. Biology and Biotechnology Majors who are working with faculty outside Biology and Biotechnology can choose to earn honors credits in other departments or colleges (e.g. CHEM 499, Honors 499) that do not count toward the 40 hr Biology Majors requirement. This alternative includes a cross-disciplinary writing project that is done as Honors 499 and can be supervised by a committee of faculty from any part of the university. Students who are not Biology or Biotechnology Majors and who wish to do an Honors project with Biology or Biotechnology faculty can do so for BIO 499 credit, and are subject to the requirements and credit system of Biology/Biotechnology honors projects.