That’s Good vs Evil, a faded antithesis.

When this is done, the doctrine of the antithesis is made concrete and existential.

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The antithesis helps describe the different moods that tore apart the U.S., of people for the Vietnam war and people against it, the heated race with the Soviets for domination of space to the outcries that arose because of that race.

Underlying the antithesis, and making it possible, is a common stance by all.

antithetical synonyms, Of, relating to, or marked by antithesis.

The Counter Enlightenment had a significant influence on Hegel,Nietzsche, and Dilthey, who in turn have shaped relativistic thinkingin certain strands of continental philosophy, postmodernism andcultural studies. Hamann’s rejection of objectivism was centralto Nietzsche’s even more profound recoil from objectivity. Andindeed, Nietzsche is possibly the single most influential voice inshaping relativistic sensibilities in 20th centurycontinental philosophy. His declaration that all human conceptions anddescriptions, including those advanced by scientists, are

The end of 19th century witnessed the emergence of yetanother strand of relativism motivated by empirical-psychological andphysiological-interpretations of Kantian categories. The view, knownas species relativism, and defended by neo-Kantianpsychologists such as Theodore Lipps (1851–1914), holds that therules of logic are products of the human mind and psychology andtherefore may be unique to the human species; different species couldhave and use different logical principles. The view was vehemently,but quite effectively, attacked by Frege and Husserl as part oftheir arguments against what they called “psychologism”and “speciesm” (Kusch 1995: 47). Logic in this approach isidentified with the actual thinking processes of individuals orcommunities and its authority is seen to be local, or relative to thepractices of particular epistemic groupings. But Frege and Husserlargued that with such relativization we would lose the ability todistinguish between reasoning correctly and merely seeming to doso.

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As in modern times has especially and with justice insisted, the theory which regards the as the Object and there stops, expresses the point of view taken by superstition and slavish fear. No doubt God is the Object, and, indeed, the Object out and out, confronted with which our particular or subjective opinions and desires have no truth and no validity. As absolute object, however, God does not therefore take up the position of a dark and hostile power over against subjectivity. He rather involves it as a vital element in himself. Such also is the meaning of the Christian doctrine, according to which God has willed that all men should be saved and all attain blessedness. The salvation and the blessedness of men are attained when they come to feel themselves at one with God, so that God, on the other hand, ceases to be for them mere object, and, in that way, an object of fear and terror, as was especially the case with the religious consciousness of the Romans. But God in the Christian religion is also known as Love, because in his Son, who is one with him, he has revealed himself to men as a man among men, and thereby redeemed them. All of which is only another way of saying that the antithesis of subjective and objective is implicitly overcome, and that it is our affair to participate in this redemption by laying aside our immediate subjectivity (putting off the old Adam), and learning to know God as our true and essential self.

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The Grim Reaper is the antithesis to the Angel because one of them saves/gives life and the other one takes life away , making them completely different or opposites from each other.

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But what virtually happens in the realising of the is that the one-sided subjectivity and the show of objective independence confronting it are both cancelled. In laying hold of the means, the notion constitutes itself the very implicit essence of the object. In the mechanical and chemical processes, the independence of the object has been already dissipated implicitly, and in the course of their movement under the dominion of the End, the show of that independence, the negative which confronts the Notion, is got rid of. But in the fact that the End achieved is characterised only as a and a material, this object, viz. the teleological, is there and then put as implicitly null, and only 'ideal'. This being so, the antithesis between has also vanished. While the End by the removal and absorption of all form-characteristics coalesces with itself, the form as is thereby put as the content, so that the notion, which is the action of form, has only itself for content. Through this process, therefore, there is made explicitly manifest what was the notion of design: viz. the implicit unity of subjective and objective is now realised. And this is the .