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Isopropyl nitrite was prepared from sodium nitrite, isopropanol and hydrochloric acid.

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Anything coming from Europe is usually OK. From China it is not, that is the mother of all nasties (cyclohexyl nitrite) This crap was invented in the US when they thought isobutyl nitrite was out. In the UK you can only see isopropyl nitrite poppers and I stopped selling that shit (I own a small leather store) I cannot sell the European stuff as poppers ARE banned in the UK...isopropyl nitrite is not when sold as a room odouriser. I use poppers myself and will not touch causes eye damage. I have tried loads of retailers and the quality varies. Some retailers are also as rude as fuck I found. I am very pissed off I cannot sell pentyl or isobutyl. You can walk into most any appropriate store in the US and find strong poppers BUT they are seriously expensive.

Sorry it is so long winded, but all good chemistry write ups are. Stay safe and happy synthesising!

Isopropyl nitrite is a highly flammable organic ester

Ah, but most sites don't include CAS numbers! Chemical Abstract Service
isoamyl nitrite and isopentyl nitrite 110-46-3 (CAS#)
pentyl nitrite 463-04-7 (CAS#)
isobutyl nitrite 542-56-3 (CAS#)
isopropyl nitrite 541-42-4 (CAS#)
I believe isopropyl nitrite is the one associated with eye damage. I have no experience with pentyl nitrite
I've used isopentyl nitrite and isobutyl nitrite with no ill effects.
Please note this is anecdotal evidence only.

It's kinda funny how some of the popper suppliers claim original product while showing how products are original with original cardboard box as in the case of jungle juice or pwd but these companies have been out of business. In addition they claim new or ultra or stronger formula but based on the legalities or restrictions of certain formulas they just package the same formula of the month in the same bottles. For example jacked poppers original formula is isobutyl(restricted) so it is replaced with pentyl nitrite and yet they still claim original formula. From what I hear isobutyl can cause cancer so it's banned. But I can go buy a pack of cigarettes.

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acute toxicity : LC501250mg/m3, 4 hours (rat inhalation)
hazardous characteristics : case of fire, heat can lead to combustion, and emit toxic gases. Heat or light prone to decomposition, decomposition of the risk of explosion. Contact ammonium salt, cyanide can cause strong decomposition.
combustion (decomposition) products : carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides.

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Can someone list the procedure for making amyl nitrite or Isopropal nitrite in a home lab?? What do you all need and the ingredients and measurements ...appreciate it

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Here's the procedure:
1. Dissolve 24 grams sodium nitrite or 40 grams potassium nitrite into 50mL water. Put this in the fridge.
2. SLOWLY add your acid to isopropyl alcohol - try to keep the temperature rise to a minimum. Use an excess of acid, my technique calls for 30mL H2SO4 to 25mL isopropyl alcohol, and use 80-100mL HCl per 25mL. You may notice some bubbles form with quick addition of H2SO4, I believe it is propene gas so just wait for these to stop.
3. Chill your acidic alcohol to between 0 and 5 degrees C, preferably using an ice bath (put your reaction vessel in a larger container, surrounded by ice and water, add salt if you want to go as cold as you can).
4. Dropwise (this is very important), add your nitrite solution to your alcohol solution. There will be a vigorous reaction producing a lot of bubbling - keep this under control as you add all of your solution.
5. A yellow layer should form on top of the water immediately, this is your alkyl nitrite! It will also contain some isopropyl alcohol as it is insoluble in saturated NaNO2 solution, so this is why reactant amounts should be as precise as possible. You will probably see that the colour becomes lighter, this is due to dissolved NO2 gas being removed from solution - your product should be a hay-like colour with only a sweet smell (you'll be able to tell if there is an unsatisfactory amount of alcohol or NO2).
6. Separate off the nitrite layer, preferably using a separatory funnel but you can skim it off using a pipette. Don't worry if you get some aqueous phase, the next step will deal with that.
7. Prepare a solution of soda in water, I used a couple of grams in 10mL water but it does not need to be precise since it's just to clean your product. Shake this with your nitrite and be careful of evolved gas which can cause a pressure buildup, especially if some of the acidic water came over as well.
8. Separate off your nitrite again, and if you want, put a little pinch of bicarbonate in your storage container. It won't dissolve, but it acts as a preservative hence your nitrite should potentially last for months. This is the chemical in the balls you may find in commercial poppers, otherwise the nitrite will degrade in a matter of weeks or even days.

I believe isopropyl nitrite is the one associated with eye damage

Wondering if anyone can help with the legality of isopropyl Nitrite in Australia please?
I used Amsterdam gold all the time back home in the UK (best I've found from what I've tried) and i'm now in Australia (ACT). Ordered some Amsterdam gold from the UK as it was wayyy cheaper and the people I live with found it and reported me to the police. It's currently being tested and could cause me to have my visa revoked. I've seen Poppers on sale in Melbourne and there are lots of sites so I assumed they were legal, however, none of these sites were selling Amsterdam gold. I'm trying to look up the legality but not really finding a hard, straight answer so I was wondering if anyone on here would be able to help or know definitively where I stand from a legal point.