for photosynthesis of blue green algae ..

Infestation can limit the photosynthetic activity of the plant and thus lead to a halt in growth.

Which pigment is most important in the process of photosynthesis

Do you know that long, thin algae that is referred to as string algae? That type, along with black algae is a filamentous type of algae. You will find them attached to something in the bottom of the pond. They usually float to towards the surface where the process of photosynthesis can occur.

The pathogen is spread by wind water and by insects as well as birds and rats.

Photosynthesis is a process used by plants and other ..

Ice can become so thick that little light penetrates to the water below. Photosynthesis, already slowed by the cold temperatures, ceases to take place altogether in the dark. The ice also separates the lake water from the atmosphere so that no direct diffusion of oxygen can occur. Although fish and other organisms need very little oxygen when water temperatures are so cold, oxygen may entirely deplete, resulting in a winter fish kill. These fish kills can be prevented by keeping a hole open in the ice, which is easily accomplished by moving the water with a small aeration system. Aeration systems may also be used to prevent ice around docks and other structures in winter.

A good nitrogen supply is shown in the dark green coloring of the leaves since nitrogen plays an essential role in photosynthesis.


A method for preparing a spirulina medium is provided to be able to improve the spirulina medium by using purified deep sea water through precipitation and filtration, thereby the prepared medium capable of promoting the growth of the spirulina and efficiently mass-producing the same.

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of phototrophs in an iron-depositing hot spring.

Unicellular eukaryotic green algae such as and perform photosynthesis at pH values down to 0–1 and the red alga grows as a photoautotroph in acidic hot springs up to 57°C and at pH

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Probably the king of green water control, A properly installed with a pond turnover of at least once every three hours and a flow rate through the UV of no faster than 40-50 gph per watt is very effective for the control of green water.
Better designed UVs can effectively control green algae at higher flow rates of 60 gph plus; a good example is the .
In fact of the dozens of brands UV Clarifiers I have use over the last three decades for pond green water control, UV Sterilizer has come close to the TMC Pro Pond line when efficiency, flow, kill rate, durability, and even price is factored in; and this includes over others I still consider excellent such as the Terminator or my own custom UV!
The use of a properly installed UV will also aid in maintain a healthy redox and even GH levels as photosynthesising Green Algae will be lowered substantially.

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Though referred to as 'algae' because they are aquatic organisms capable of photosynthesis, cyanobacteria are not related to any of the various eukaryotic algae.[1]

Arthrospira is cultivated around the world, and is used as a human dietary supplement, as well as a whole food, and is available in tablet, flake, and powder form.

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The red waters (pH∼2) of the Rio Tinto, Spain, coloured red by jarosite [HFe3(SO4)2(OH)6] formed by chemolithotrophic iron‐ and sulfur‐oxidizing prokaryotes. Photograph: Extremophiles Lab, CAB, Madrid.