Invisible ink is made up of different chemical solutions.

Invisible inks have been used for secrecy and security for many years.

Invisible InkInvisible InkInvisible InkInvisible InkInvisible Ink

All three trials I did on the brown paper bag resulted in a four on the Invisible Ink Effectiveness Scale; this surprised me, as I expected less consistency between trials.

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It received a
4 on the IIES Scale because of the contrast
between the yellowish ink and the brown paper.
Data Table
Squeezing Lemons
Lemon squeezing is complete.
Read directions is very important.
I must divide my papers into three sections.
Applying lemon juice to one little section of the printer paper.
The completely invisible inked brown paper bag.
Data Analysis
Through this experiment I have discovered that using lemon juice as an invisible ink on a brown paper bag works very well.

The same goes for the other papers, it was surprising that the printer paper got all threes in each trial, and that the water color paper got all twos.
The Invisible Ink (Lemon Juice) is also an ink that, after it dries, is not visible until heat is applied.
I reject my hypothesis, I was incorrect.

Have you ever tried making invisible ink

However, codes and secret ink messages were very easily captured and decoded.

Some of the more fun secret writings are concealment messages like invisible made out of potato juice, lemon juice, and other types of juices and sugars!

The Invisible Ink experiment shows you how to do it

Even though the problem seems to be difficult, the invisible ink can be easily made at home by applying ammonia fumes onto paper written with phenolphthalein. Phenolphthalein is a chemical compound that usually used in titration. It turns colorless in acidic solutions and pink, or even purple in basic solutions depending on the indicator concentration. Ammonia is normally encountered as a gas and very easy to evaporate. Since ammonia acts as a base or a proton acceptor, even though it is colorless in its liquid form, when interacted with phenolphthalein, the solution turns pink. Therefore, by spraying ammonia fumes onto phenolphthalein, the invisible writing appears onto the paper. However, as ammonia fumes evaporates, the invisible writing disappears again.

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Paper Chromatography Science Projects With a Hypothesis Students can perform paper chromatography projects using ink to because some chemicals are invisible.

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There are few types of invisible inks. Different types of Chemicals can be applied and visualzied under heating conditions, ultraviolet(UV)light, fluorecence, and the addition of other solutions that undergoes acid-base reaction by dropping or spraying, fuming of vapours, or other means. One well-known example will be the blueprint. Based on such principles, toy invisible ink pens with two tips, one for invisible ink writing, and another tip for developing the ink, or a decoder tip, was developed and sold on market.

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Invisible Ink is a substance used for writing, which is either invisible on application, or sooner thereafter, and which later on can be made visible by some means. Once the writing is dried, the paper, or writing surface should appear blank and of similar texture as surrounding material.