(Introduction to modern network synthesis.)

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Van Valkenburg M.E.

Introduction to Modern Network Synthesis by M

Kok FJ, Van Duijn CM, Hofman A, Van Der Voit GB, De Wolff FA, Paays CHC, & Valkenburg HA (1988) Serum copper and zinc and the risk of death from cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Van Valkenburg, M E

This book presents a lucid treatment of topics essential to an understanding of modern methods of network synthesis. Along with information theory, automatic control theory and automatic computation, network synthesis has become an essential subject for electrical engineers wishing to understand the literature and advanced practice. The book begin's with a study of Brune's positive real functions, followed by an enumeration of synthesis procedures for LC, RC, RL and RLC one terminal-pair networks. The important subject of approximation is treated in two chapters; another chapter explores the relationship of network functions. The remainder of the book is devoted to methods for the synthesis of two terminal-pair networks, including the Cauer ladder development, the Guillemin and Darlington methods, and the synthesis of networks by the image-parameter method.

Valkenburg, M. E. Van