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Dissertation: The Law and Practice of the Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards

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Drafting Project: The Protection of the Marine Environment Through Criminal Law (Act)

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Through my research, I found that we can affirm – with a certain degree of confidence – that we are moving towards higher standards in international law, i.e. the prohibition of compulsory recruitment of children under 18 and their direct participation in hostilities, both for armed forces and groups.

Dissertation: A Legal Regime for the Exploration and Exploitation of Offshore Renewable Energy

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Drafting Project: The Suppression of Illegal Trafficking of Migrants by Sea Act

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Law Dissertation Topics. Criminal Law Dissertation Topics. Criminal law covers a wide range. The impact of the war on terror on international criminal law.


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Title Complicity in international criminal law Authors AKSENOVA, Marina Date 2014 Citation Florence European University Institute, 2014 Type Thesis.

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3. There is a growing consensus that child soldiers should be seen primarily as victims and not be prosecuted and tried through international criminal justice mechanisms for the crimes they may have committed once recruited. However, it is hard to conciliate this notion with the fact that these children are sometimes the author of grave crimes. I examined different complex issues resulting from this situation and proposed recommendations on the way forward, including in relation to: the opportunity of prosecuting child soldiers (national vs. international criminal jurisdictions); the value of their agency and their evolving capacities; whether some defences would be available to them in form of excuses, and which ones; whether children possess an adequate mens rea to be able to commit international crimes; the need to seek an agreement with respect to a minimum age of criminal responsibility for international crimes; what is the best interest of the child in these cases; what forms alternative to prosecution would best suit children who may have committed international crimes; and the responsibility of recruiters for the acts committed by the children.

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