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Some examples of qualitative research include a study on the culture of a religious school ..

Research in Practical Theology: Methods, ..

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religious community and society

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A common mistake many people make in quantitative as well as qualitative analysis, in a vain effort to remain "perfectly objective," is to present a large volume of unassimilated and uncategorized data for the reader's consumption.

Examples of qualitative research ..

The acquisition of language provides another example of a socialsource of development. Zukow-Goldring and Ferko (1994) and otherresearchers have shown the close relationship between promotingshared attention between beginning speakers and their caregiversand the emergence of the lexicon. Contemporary research supportsthe sociocultural claim that the relationship between individualsforms a basis for cognitive and linguistic mastery. This process,whether in the classroom or elsewhere, includes transmission,construction, transaction, and transformation in a continuing,complex interplay.

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The open-ended format of the question allowed each group to give its own definition of "knowledge-sharing activities." The point of the analysis is not primarily to determine which activities were used and how often; if that were the major purpose of asking this question, there would be far more efficient ways (e.g., a checklist or rating scale) to find the answer.

apparatus is based on "Qualitative ..

These acts of representation are embedded in social practiceand rely on socially developed semiotic means. Ecology, history,culture, and family organization play roles in patterning experienceand events in the creation of knowledge (John-Steiner, 1995).For example, the tasks confronting children, such as learningto talk, to walk, and to attach meaning to their experiences arereflected in cognitive strategies, derived in part from the culturallypatterned environment into which they are born. Their thoughtis shaped by the prevalent methods of physical and economic survival,by the language and visual symbols used by their people, and bysocially ordered ways of parenting. Some children who are borninto tribal or agricultural communities spend many hours strappedto the back of their mothers and other caregivers. In this position,they observe and represent the life of their community in a waythat is not possible to children who are placed in cribs and playpens(John-Steiner, 1985)

The Logic of Qualitative Survey Research and its …

Validity means something different in this context than in quantitative evaluation, where it is a technical term that refers quite specifically to whether a given construct measures what it purports to measure.

Title: Steps to writing a qualitative ..

At the same time, it is probably also the facet that quantitative evaluators and others steeped in traditional quantitative techniques find most disquieting.