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Naturally, if insulin is able to extend or amplify the post-workout burst in protein synthesis, .

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By far the most significant of Wang'sscientific contributions was the synthesisof crystalline insulin. This hormone,produced in the pancreas, controls thesugar content in the blood and is widelyused to treat diabetes. Under Wang'sleadership, scientists in the 'collaborationteam on the synthesis of insulin' achievedthe synthesis in 1965. Although similarattempts were being made in the UnitedStates and Europe, Wang's group wasahead of the game.

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True hard-gainers can really benefit from the protein degradation inhibiting effects of insulin here. The big spike in insulin from the high GI carbs and more sustained elevation from medium GI carbs may also keep the protein synthesis throttle open longer.

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Nutrients have a potent effect on the protein synthetic machinery, and timing them right can make or break your training progress. While there's no ideal, one-size fits all solution for everyone – that depends on individual insulin sensitivity, metabolism, body type, and goals – we've set you up with a peri-workout nutritional strategy based on the latest scientific research that can be easily modified to suit every lifter's needs. Use it as a template to maximize protein synthesis and grow like never before.

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More recent studies looking at a more general model for protein synthesis show that insulin + amino acids can have a synergistically positive effect on protein synthesis, causing the greatest mTOR activation together!

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It's well established that the mechanical stress from training and leucine/EAAs synergistically amplify protein synthesis. Likewise, insulin may contribute to the overall burst in protein synthesis by turning on mTOR through the PI3K/akt pathway.

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That doesn't mean we should discount carbs as far as protein synthesis goes; they increase insulin levels, which may still be important. Muscles are primed for increased protein synthesis for 24+ hours after training, but the acute burst in protein synthesis that occurs as a result of training or amino acid intake only lasts for a few hours.

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The insulin response from carbs may synergistically amplify protein synthesis in the presence of amino acids. Insulin is also a powerful inhibitor of protein degradation.

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It's been shown conclusively in the literature that insulin signaling isn't needed to turn on training-induced protein synthesis – just leucine is required, which suggests that carbs aren't important.

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Biosynthesis of fatty acids is strictly regulated. The primary determination of lipogenesis or lipolysis is the equilibrium between monomeric and polymeric acetyl-CoA carboxylase. Several hormones, including insulin, glucagon, glucocorticoids, epinephrine, the secondary messenger cAMP, as well as diet composition and nutrient manipulation all exert important regulatory action on lipid metabolism. However, the recent discovery that genetics play an integral part in determining the extent of fatty acid synthesis may prove to be the most beneficial breakthrough in the "War on Fat". Future investigations and studies of leptin and its method of transduction may unveil the mystery of fat synthesis and allow the development of pharmacological agents to prevent obesity.