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Every year the broad area of biotechnology attracts Master students, both from Sweden and abroad. In all, around 25 students perform their master thesis work at the department every year within the areas of environmental, industrial, food and medical biotechnology. For a list of recent master thesis projects at our department see the scrollbar to the left.

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Biotechnology is defined as the industrial exploitation of living organisms or the exploitation of components derived from these organisms. Its practical applications include age-old techniques such as brewing and fermentation, which are still important today. In recent decades, gene modification has revolutionized the biotechnology industry, spawning countless new products and improving established processes. More and more types of fermentation are being used, and most new medicines are products of biotechnology. Modern biotechnology has become an applied area of science with a multidisciplinary approach embracing recombinant DNA technology, cellular biology, microbiology, biochemistry, as well as process design, engineering, modelling and control.

As a master student you will be supervised by a person with a doctoral degree and guided by experienced doctoral students through your thesis project. Your work will consist of both practical and theoretical elements, and it can be performed in collaboration both with other institutions and companies. The department has well equipped laboratories and analytical instruments for research in environmental, industrial, food and medical biotechnology.

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This article focuses on the benefits of the technology; however, thoughtful ethical decision-making cannot be ignored by the biotechnology industry, scientists, policy-makers, and the public. These ethical issues, better served in their own article, include questions such as:

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Representatives of industries engaged in the biotechnology industry were introduced to the international students enrolled at Osaka University for the purpose of attaining international human resource development.

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With the growth of the biotechnology industry, and the increase in technology and specialization in applied microbiological sciences, there is a significant regional and national need for highly trained microbiologists. The Master of Science degree in Microbiology provides an excellent opportunity to meet these needs. The M.S. in Microbiology gives students the opportunity to carry out research in the laboratories of world-renowned microbiologists, and opportunities to interface with industrial and governmental partners through internships.

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He included the perspectives of conventional farmers, organic farmers, the biotech industry, advocacy groups, and government agencies in his discussion, but he failed to mention how we as consumers are affected by this new trend of biotech crops....

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Our MSc is for students from a variety of backgrounds with varied levels of biotechnology experience. You will develop an understanding of contemporary molecular biology and biotechnology principles and practices. You will also gain the skills and knowledge base required for employment in the biotechnology industry.

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The Advanced Course on Genomics in Industrial Biotechnology aims at familiarizing industrial and academic research professionals (i.e. MSc, PhD, or equivalent experience) with modern concepts in genomics, their use in microbial research and development, and their utility in contemporary biotechnological industry.