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The hospital is a high risk indoor placewhich has airborne infection from patients.

Teachers Guide to Indoor Air Pollutants.

12.7.3 Windsor, Canada exposure and risk study The Ontario Ministry of Environment in Canada conducted a pioneering study to assess air pollution exposure risks to populations living in Southern Ontario downwind of Detroit, Michigan, a large city in the USA.

Indoor air quality analysis was carried during light hours and peak hours.

Indoor Air Quality and Mould (Report and conference slides).

Type of information obtained from time-activity data relevant to specific exposure pathways Personal air time and location spent outdoors type of indoor location use of sources In the presence of sources: ventilation and filtration of indoor location Water quantity of water consumed direct and indirectly accidental ingestion from swimming (pools, rivers, etc.) dermal contact, time in showering/bathing hand/body washing frequency Food amount and type of food products consumed preparation methods including cleaning preparation location (e.g., street vendors) storage practices Soil amount of contact time and type of soil (e.g., farm, garden/possible pesticide application) skin surface contact frequency and duration of washing since contact 6.

ASTM D 7297–06: Standard Practice for Evaluating Residential Indoor Air Quality Concerns.

Health and the Built Environment; Indoor Air Quality; Vital Signs Resource Package (Co-operative project with the Energy Foundation, Pacific Gas & Electric, and the National Science Foundation, Center for Environmental Design Research, University of California, Berkeley, and the Society of Building Science Educators).

The Indoor Air Quality Guide: Sinulla ei ole käyttöoikeutta pyydettyyn sivuun.

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Indoor Air Quality Guidelines and Standards.

The Ontario government performed a study between 1991 and 1993 in order to determine the level of risk associated with air pollution and to limit the exposure of residents of Windsor to airborne toxics (Bell et al., 1994).

Air Quality Guidelines for Europe, 2nd ed.

12.4.2 Exposure to furans, dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls Dioxins, furans and PCBs are persistent compounds found in industrial discharges and incinerator air emissions, and as trace contaminants in many products.