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Describe Your Hypothetical Thesis Project

A hypothesis is a hypothetical thesis

Read carefully the following narrative that describes a hypothetical business scenario and answer the questions at the end based on your analysis of the situation.

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Dell decided to enter the Chinese PC market in the 1990s. They faced many impediments to entering such a complex environment. illustrates a hypothetical SWOT analysis for Dell as they embark into the Chinese PC market. The Dell supply chain is top-notch as well as their strong commitment to R&D. They have numerous business process patents as well as product patents. One of the earlier knocks on Dell was that the Chinese culture was not conducive to Dell’s golden rules of disdaining inventory, always selling directly, and always listening to the customer. They have subsequently begun to listen to the customer and have started to sell through retail outlets.

Write a research report based on a hypothetical research study

difference between hypothetical and categorical imperatives
What is the essential difference between hypothetical and categorical imperatives?

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