Hypothesis and options are used in the description of beliefs.

Inorganic mercury compounds are classic examples of agents that cause acute tubular necrosis.

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However, the distribution of, for example, PGE2 synthesis reflects a more complex picture, its concentration being lower in the papilla than the rest of the inner medulla (van Dorp, 1971).

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There are relatively few examples of nephrotoxic chemicals where there is a full profile of information from experimental animals and man, and in the vast majority of cases data are available only in rats.

Secondly, many attempts to define renal PG function have been based on the hypothesis that urinary PG excretion reflects de novo renal synthesis (Dunn & Hood, 1977; Dunn & Zambraski, 1980; Dunn 1981), notwithstanding analytical difficulties of measuring very low levels of various PGs and apparently ignoring the fact that de novo synthesized PGs may have undergone extensive degradation.

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The connection between the related concepts of logical possibility, causal possibility and conceivability are among the basics which create the foundation for determining the creation and interpretation of a hypothesis that is being analyzed within a thought experiment.

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Many studies seem to have proven that the critical hypothesis exists because apparently no adult after puberty has been successful in achieving native-like proficiency.

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Emotionally Driven Hypothesis The ways in which we attempt to determine the history of early man say much more about who we are today, and who we will be tomorrow, and who we want to be today, and who we want to be tomorrow, than they do about who we were in the past.

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However, most of the staining procedures are nonspecific (e.g., toluidine blue interacts with any polyanion to give a metachromatic colour shift) and depend either on a priori knowledge of distribution or, for example, the use of control sections that have been exposed to selective enzymic digestion.

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I begin my discussion with a reconstruction of Adolph Grünbaum's conceptual analysis of 'placebo,' and then use his notion of "intentional placebo" to discuss a typical experiment using the monoamine hypothesis, two drugs and a placebo....

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I approach this question through an in-depth analysis of a typical experiment for clinical depression involving the monoamine hypothesis, drug action, and placebos.

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There are several examples, however, where conjugation may give rise to reactive compounds (e.g., the glucuronides of N-hydroxy-2-acetylaminofluorene and N-hydroxyphenacetin are potently toxic).